Diverse causes of inflammation in Type 1s

Another interesting, if preliminary finding: The causes of inflammation in people with Type 1 are diverse – so perhaps using anti-inflammatories that are targeted to the specific ones in a given person could help. (No data on that last speculation, though). It’s always tricky with these biomarkers; however. We don’t know if reducing the levels of these inflammatory chemicals would actually reduce kidney damage. Still, I really like reading about any research in diabetes that looks beyond blood sugar levels, as we know that’s not the whole story.


You have to wonder: the biomarkers are different because we are dealing with different diseases (i.e. Type 1 is really Type 1a, Type 1b etc.) or because it is the same disease but affecting different patients differently? And if so, why?

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Anti inflammatories have received a great deal of attention, this is not a scholarly article, but warrants a quick glance any way. “The baking soda seemed to alert macrophages and mesothelial cells that the body wasn’t under actual attack.”