Diabetes fails and a tip

Our son was at a soccer tournament a few hours out of town and had three site changes and three cartridge changes happen over a 24-hour period. Long story short, he ran out of insulin. we had the doctor call in prescriptions for the pen fills of Fiasp because that’s what he uses. They didn’t have them in stock in the one 24-hour pharmacy in the small town. They did have the vials of Fiasp, but apparently the pharmacists aren’t allowed to substitute them. Because the system does not see the identical medicine in slightly different containers, both of which can be pulled up using a syringe, as the same.
Anwyays, the pharmacist wound up risking the system “flagging” her and gave us a vial, but she told us to write in our prescriptions “can substitute vials for cartridges” in the prescription so we don’t have this problem again. Hopefully this is helpful to someone out there!


@TiaG It’s good to know there are some folks out there with common sense!! Hopefully mgmt of the store will back them up as if they were actually empowered to use it how it should be used!


And compassion. So many would care less that the parent is stressed out and needing life saving medicine for their child. Good for the pharmacist. Good to hear from you @TiaG! Hope you, Samson, and the family are doing well!


How did the soccer tournament go?

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they won 3 out of 4 games, but the last, they lost by a margin of 1 point and that was the elimination game. Personally, not super bummed because it meant another 2-hour drive into the middle of nowhere the following weekend. But the team was definitely bummed.


UPDATE: They were league champions for their bracket. Just not in this particular tournament.