Diabetes Diagnoses (T1 & T2) Increasing in the Young

“The incidences of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes among youths increased significantly in the 2002–2012 period, particularly among youths of minority racial and ethnic group”

So says a new research article from the New England Journal of Medicine.

The abstract doesn’t state the reasons this has been happening, it just presents the shocking statistics. Full article is behind a paywall.


So I read some news articles about it. T2 has been increasing way more; the likely cause is an increase in child obesity. The rise in T1 is more baffling.

I don’t know, when my son I was diagnosed they said he most likely had a genetic predisposition and that it was triggered by the virus he acquired a few months prior to diagnosis. If there is a strain of a virus that is more likely to trigger this and it is getting passed around more, voila more T1 patients. Not very comforting, but at least it is one possible cause.

I’m not an expert but the causes for T1 - autoimmune related- genetics, vs T2- can be lessened with lifetstyle changes management and medication may provide “clues”.