Diabetes Daily article on Afrezza's safety for lungs

Is this accurate? From what people have posted, I thought Afrezza brought BG down in like 15 minutes and was gone after an hour or so?

I have asthma, severe allergies, and scarring in my lungs, so I’m hesitant to use Afrezza if/when it ever comes to Canada. But if it acted in 15 minutes, I’d likely try it for corrections of extreme highs only. But based on the above numbers, I get better performance with IM injections of Fiasp.


Lol. No. That’s not accurate at all. I don’t have any idea why it says that. I’ll have to go look at the study again!

It kicks in as soon as I take it! I have to take it after I eat, and it lasts, at the most, 1.5 hours. Probably closer to 1 hour.


The onset of action is ~12 minutes, peaks in 35-45 minutes, and duration is about 3 hours (return to baseline).

I find it starts lowering my bg in about 15 minutes, and is usually totally out of my system in about 1.5 hours max.



That sounds really awesome. I hope it comes to Canada eventually. I’d be interested in trying it, with caution.


I don’t use the 12 unit cartridges, but I think they last a little longer. Maybe that’s how they came up with the 2 hour time?

I suppose it makes sense that the time it takes to start working varies from person to person. Most insulins are like that. I think Afrezza just completed a study on this a few months back. Couldn’t find the study exactly, but here’s the label update: http://files.shareholder.com/downloads/AMDA-22AIJ9/5289441289x0x958389/E0DD4DA8-7FA6-442F-925B-B817C04C22E8/MNKD_News_2017_10_2_General_Releases.pdf


I see Afrezza results show up in my CGM in 15-20 mins. Since the CGM is lagging behind true real time BG, I’d estimate that it’s acting in 5-10 mins for me. My only real problem with cough now is if I try to dose while I also have a cough from a cold.


Yes. The Afrezza quoted numbers are based on 12u. I Say it is out of my system in 1.5 hours max because I know if I follow up more than one or two days doses, it will stack somewhat.

Overall, I don’t see much effect after about 45-60 minutes.


Kate, these are great articles, thank you!


They also recommended discontinuation of use for anyone who “experienced significant lung function decrease”

The key word being “significant” and the key concept that’s completely lost in these discussions on the internet…

I defy you to find a single case.


Also note that the decline in pulmonary function tests was noted in all three groups studied;

Control group not taking any insulin
Group taking injected insulin
And group taking afrezza