Dawn Phenomena

I read about diabetics having Dawn phenomena, where their Bg spikes in the morning for no apparent reason.

I generally have the opposite dawn effect. When I wake up and start moving around my Bg goes down. Like this morning at 6:30am my Bg was 140. I got up 15 minutes later and it dropped to 90 just before I stumbled into the shower. By the time I was dressed and out the door I was in the low 70’s.

This is usual enough that I wouldn’t even consider correcting a mild high first thing in the morning.

I have never in my life been a morning person. I really don’t get moving well until I’ve been awake for a couple of hours. I wonder if my liver doesn’t dump glycogen in the early morning.

Does anyone else have this “reverse” dawn phenomenon?


Interesting. I experienced this while I was on basal insulin, though not quite that dramatic a drop. Not sure if I’m still experiencing it…as I don’t check my BG in the mornings until I am about to dose for breakfast (preoccupied with children, and it’s never high). I’m also not at all a morning person, despite my children’s attempts to turn me into one.


We are in the DP = UP category.
Currently being handled by a programmed 40% basal increase.

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How interesting!

My son is also the opposite. He does not typically show dawn phenomenon, but feet-on-the-ground insulin: the moment his feet hit the floor he goes up, 20-30 (he needs insulin). He drops some of that in the shower :slight_smile:


@docslotnick I fall into the dawn drop group (now that there are two of us it is definately a group). I have a steady basal all night and when I get up my BG drops.

By the time I get in the car there is a angle-down arrow on the CGM.

I do however suffer from a mid-morning rise where my BG goes up around 10 to 11am. When I was on MDI I used to take a unit of Humalog around 9:30 or 10am.

Like you I am not a morning person. It takes a huge effort to get out of bed and I am half asleep for at least half an hour after I wake up.

So I can back you up with evidence or perhaps ancedote to support your theory about your liver.


We are in the Dawn Up camp. Insulin is our friend in the am.


Yes!!! No matter how balanced I have my basal I have this issue (BG drops between 5-7 am most days. :slight_smile:


It’s really weird. Initially after my dx, I was in the up group, needing insulin before my feet swung down out of bed (aka: feet hit the floor insulin). These days, more often than not, I tend to be in the down group mirroring @Millz’s experience. Not really sure what the difference is there. As usual, I tend to suspect hormone fluctuation, since my dx came during pregnancy.


I can go either way and so can’t do any kind of preset basal change. Just one more weird thing about diabetes…