Daisy Mae's swimming BG thread



You have barely scratched the surface of what you are used to doing. You were swimming 4x a week and 2 hours each time.

Once you are back into a regular swim pattern, and back to your normal 2 hours of swimming almost every day, your IC will and correction amounts will drop down again.

Your basal needs will always be related to your activity and how much you are eating. But I think those will drop down too.


after several Xrays of my back and spine, my rhuematologist found a mass on my spine that he was not able to identify. all along my back i have both left and right osteoarthritis, but this “mass” is something as of yet undiagnosed.

so, i am leaving now with my husband to have an MRI taken which will hopefully allow the doctor to accurately treat it. i am very very frightened. i know that this has nothing to do with Diabetes, but this community has carried me through good as well as fowl weather, and i am hoping that your prayers are with me.

thank you all so very much from the bottom of my heart,



Hugs and prayers for you, DM.


DM, my families thoughts are with you through this tough time. Sending positive vibes your way. Stay positive and take each day at a time. :: hugs ::


Thinking about you, @daisymae. All my hope for you!


Awww @daisymae our thoughts and prayers are with you and yours. Adding more hugs!!


@daisymae I’m keeping you in my prayers. Here’s hoping it’s nothing, or something very easily treatable. We’re all thinking of you and praying for the absolute best.


@daisymae Sending good thoughts and prayers your way.


thanks, Trying. i will be seeing the specialist on this coming wednesday. fingers crossed.

today i am going swimming. my latest BG on ZB for the past 2 hours is 106. i like it to be higher when i am about to jump in though, so we’ll see what happens. i really need a good hard swim today to shake off this week’s medical crap. ugh.


@daisymae Yes, a nice, empowering swim is what you need today, pick up your spirits and get your BGs stabilized. 106 is fantastic though, esp at ZB for 2 hours! I foresee a great swim for you today! :star_struck:
Fingers crossed for your upcoming specialist appt, but for now enjoy your swim and our relatively nice wather!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



it is amazing to me on how important a good night’s sleep is for our bodies and our minds. sleep, at least for me, keeps me sane, energized, and my BGs stable. a poor night’s sleep seems to effect everything, especially my sugar levels. last night i barely slept a wink, and when i was able to sleep it was riddled with nightmares. so, when i got up at 6am this morning, i felt like i wouldnt be able to get into the pool and have the strength and endurance to swim for 1.5 hours. i wanted desperately to climb right back into bed and stay there all day long. BUT, I persevered. something inside me said, " a good swim will fix EVERYTHING !! so, get ready and get into that pool!!! " and thats exactly what i did.

i cant say it was one of my better swims. i felt tired and the pool was over-crowded and loud. my body was not as cooperative as i would have liked and i couldnt get into my groove, but, i got the job done.

my bgs werent stellar either, but i am satisfied with my effort. actually, and not to be boastful, i am rather proud of myself for my accomplishment :blush:. also, the swimming relieves a lot of my back pain, and i will do almost anything to avoid having to take any ADVIL.

here are todays stats:

1pm 117 left the house for the pool
1:25 144 jumped in for a 1/2 hour warm-up
1:55 139 increased power
2:25 109
2:55 97
3:30 105

notice the big bg jump from when i leave my house to when i arrive at the pool (117 up to 144 within just 20 minutes) this is after 2.5 hours of zero basal. before this rise, while on the zero basal, i was holding pretty steady at around 106, but consistantly at the 2.5 hour mark of 0% basal, BOOM, and i spike. this is something i will have to work on. a new goal.

hope you all have a wonderful weekend. :sunny:

signing off,


I think they were great.

And what makes it even more wonderful is that you were not satisfied with these BG numbers!

Let’s take a quick trip to some random post from you, from May of 2017.

Just to put it in perspective…

And what did you say on that day?

You said:

So there is some perspective for ya!

Stay hungry!


Wow, great job!! I am forever amazed at what you can do!!

But not a bad spike by any means! Esp considering you were at ZB for 2.5 hours already! That is amazing! And you came right back down, in target, no lows! :sunny:


@daisymae, sending you lots of love and suerte.



a great day in the pool. NO ONE WAS THERE!!! (maybe b/c its snowing, freezing, slushy and a wet mess outside :wink: )

i started out on the high side, but my BGs came down rather quickly. i stayed hungry and i swam hard.

i dont know if i’ve ever done this before, but i’ll give you a typical example of how my swim prep works from the time i turn off my pump till the time i actually jump into the pool. i am sharing this b/c we all have such different prep work due to our different D bodies. mine is just one example of how things can work. and, as you all know, from the beginning, eric pulled me through this routine over the course of entire year before we got it down. patience and commitment and perseverence got me through, along with ALL of your support.

6am bg 68 ate 1 cup of cottage cheese and 1 decaf with Splenda (30gms)
9:30 bg 84
10:30 bg 78
11am turned off pump. no IOB and bolused .3 units
11:30 bg 75 took 1 glucose tablet
12pm bg 82
12:30 bg 108
1pm bg 126 ( 2 hours on 0% basal and no IOB) leaving for pool
1:25 bg 130 jumping in for 1/2 hour warm up
1:55 bg 125 swim harder/faster
2:25 bg 94
2:55 bg 74 bolused 1.6 units to replaced missed 4 hours of all basal. shower, get dressed and walk briskly home (15 - 20 minutes)
3:35 bg 97 ( bolus 60% for 2 Boost shakes; 32gms carbs bolused 1.9 units)

feeling great. hope this helps someone who is struggling with exercise of any kind. some of you have piped in that they cannot believe that i stay on the low side even after 4 hours of no basal. but thats just an example of how incredibly different we are. hang tough, and in eric’s words “stay hungry”.

PS: my MRI results come back tomorrow. please continue to keep me in your prayers. i am very scared.

signing off,



@daisymae, these are great numbers! I am keeping you in my prayers!!


Thanks, Tia. i am very grateful.


Your numbers are great today! Finishing at 74 is perfect!

I know you are worried about tomorrow. You will be fine. I will keep you in my prayers for sure. :pray:


Fantastic swim!! :swimming_woman: No highs and no lows! :star_struck:

Thank you!! Sharing your prep work, and logging all your details is the best! It certainly has helped me!!

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers :pray:


Daisymae, we are all thinking of you right now and wishing the very best.

Terrific swim btw!