Daisy Mae's swimming BG thread



yes, i remember. i was afraid to get into the pool if i weren’t above a BG of 200 !!! OMG !!!


well, whatever you did the other day with your running seems excellent! i think that’s awesome. be proud and enjoy it :sunny:


JEEZ!! You do not have diabetes this is basically a flat line!!! amazing!

So glad to see you back in the pool, getting stronger and stronger :slight_smile:


Thank you! Today was remarkably the same. Reduced my basal just as before with start BG at 100, end BG 104. I gave myself 1.3U but within 20 minutes I still spiked upto 135. Then slowly started to come down. Now I’m 93. So for me, a surprisingly good run. No lows and not too high either post run. Unusual to have two days in a row go well for me. Thank you for sharing your posts. They’ve given me a path to try to follow :slight_smile:


@Trying, these are two excellent runs! Why not start a running thread with your basal, boluses and BGs over your runs? They are so helpful to all!


Those are just 2 days which turned out well, most days aren’t so flat! But I must say, applying what I’ve learned here has made a huge difference. It is amazing to see what others can do. I really just took it for granted that if I wanted to run then lows have to be endured, and post run highs! I could start a separate thread but there is already a great running thread which I also learn from. If you think it would help others though, I could share my runs and insulin doses. I still have many lows so I’m afraid it may not be very helpful!:frowning:


I think it would be great! In my experience, not only are people very different in how their system reacts to exercise (and other things), but it is also truly valuable to learn about how others learn from their successes and failures.

To illustrate the differences—when my son swims at swim practice, he turns down his basal 30 minutes before practice, and turns in back on 20 minutes before ending it. His BG runs relatively flat. Compare that to DM: radically different regimens!

So, imho, if you were willing to, it would be great to see your running thread! Even if you only share a few runs a month that would be very helpful.


Trying, did you give yourself the post run bolus IMMEDIATELY after you finished your run? i know that i MUST bolus right away and bolus strong to prevent that spike from happening. a little trick that eric taught me.


Good point! I did actually hesitate before I did my post run bolus, but only about 5-10 minutes. I think that those minutes makes a difference though! I’ll do it immediately today and see if there is a difference.


i’m interested in how it will go for you today when you do your bolus immediately post-run. i know it really changed things for me (no spike).

best of luck, and enjoy your run. hope you have good running weather where you are!! its been brutal here in brooklyn. just dying for some comfortable weather. :sunny:


I will post my results in a new thread so as not to distract from your excellent thread!

Yes, I’m in Westchester, just north of you, and today was just perfect for running after all of the recent down pours!:sunny:



dont know why my BGs were running so high today, but they were. and they were stubborn too. very annoying. but, being UNLIMITED, i did not let that get in the way of having an enjoyable and wonderful swim. i swam for 1.5 hours, and i really pushed myself hard. good form, good speed. and i feel it already; sore as Hell. :wink: and i know that tonight i will definitely be taking an Advil :wink:

so my numbers werent so stellar but i did a correction, and now all is well in DM LAND.

here are the stats:

1pm BG 131
1:30 BG 145
2pm BG 143
2:30 BG 120
3pm BG 115
3:45 BG 98 (finally coming down :smile: )

one thing that was nice to see was that i had no major drops/crashes during my swim. everything remained rather steady. and, i feel great. major endorphin rush. this is the longest i have swim since my pneumonia. a goal i am quite proud of; it only took 2.5 weeks of being back into the pool to get back into my old familiar groove!!!

signing off,



Pretty darn stellar to my eyes!! No highs and no lows! That is an amazing comeback!!! So glad you are now back at it :star_struck:


Nice work today, DM!


it would have been perfect, but i spiked from the bolus for my BOOST shakes (155). this is the 2nd time in a row, so i think i need more than just 50% insulin until i am back in better shape.

feeling frustrated. but, at least its a learning experience. tomorrow is another day. :disappointed_relieved:



i was really looking forward to swimming tomorrow, but it’s minus 5 degrees out here in BKLYN, and
there is a "weather alert, insisting people remain inside (they are even running heated school buses for the homeless and people who dont have their own heat, just to keep them from dying from the cold)

my husband said he would chain me to the couch if i tried to leave for the pool. what a total bummer!!! :disappointed_relieved:

signing off,


@daisymae Kudos to NYC and your husband for having such great sense! Hopefully, when you are able to enjoy your next swim, it will be all the more sweeter!



as i predicted this would happen, it did: since i have been back in the pool, my basals and my ICR have been changing. daug-gonnit !!! (just when everything is set right, you gotta go and change everything, and finding the newest formula doesnt just happen over night)

but here it goes. you gotta do what you gotta do; and this UNLIMITED swimmer is determined to figure things out and set it right again !!! oddly enough, i am finding that i need MORE insulin when i am in my swimming form than when i am less active. i know that this makes no sense whatsoever, and if anyone out there has an answer for this, i would implore you to share it with me as well as our community at large!!! so, my numbers are a bit bonkers, but i know i will eventually figure it out and that will all change.

i had a fabulous, very strong and relaxing swim today, so i really have no complaints. i wish my BGs had been tighter, but i made do with what i had. i think i did a relatively decent job of it.

here are the stats:

1pm bg 138 left for pool
1:20 bg 155 jumped in for a 1/2 hour warm up
1:50 bg 147 swam strong
2:20 bg 107
2:50 bg 85 bolused 1.6 units for replacement basal ( 4 hours of zero basal )
3:20 bg 112 bolused 65% of my carbs for my re-fuel shakes (2.1 units for 32 gms carbs) (this was just a guess b/c i am not quite in top form just yet, and i dont know how much or how little insulin my body needs after my swims)

basically, i am in a wonderful mood; the pool does that to me. i share this b/c, at least for one reason, i want to encourage everyone to try and put some exercise into their lives. it is simply life changing how good you will feel, mind, body, and spirit.

i will not be back into the pool until this coming friday, but for now,

signing off,



Fantastic workout!!

No, I don’t experience this. Maybe it is just do to the extra carbs you need for re-fueling? If I take that into consideration, then yes, I need more for bolus, but not for basal. If anything, my basals need to be reduced off and on as I see my BGs go down more often than not due to exercise.

I totally agree!! Thank you for keeping us posted and motivated!!! I look forward to your update on Friday’s swim!


you know that i never thought about this!!! OMG. when i swim i eat about 4 times as many carbs as i do when i am not swimming. Geeze. you’re brilliant :blush: