Daisy Mae's swimming BG thread

OKAY, so i didn’t go swimming today; it was a refuel and recovery day. stuffed my tummy silly. yummmm. (but i did eat smart so that i will be in tip top shape come thursday.)

saw idiot endo today. A1c was 6.2% not bad although i was hoping to be in the 5% range ( i’ve been working so hard at it )

got a ton of insulin samples and we had no altercations, so all in all, it wasn’t a bad visit. how can you argue with success? he was very impressed with my management and all my BGs. the only thing he was dead set against was that i have been giving myself IM injections to correct. but to each his own. i have found them to be extremely effective, so who cares what he thinks, right?

i see the new endo October 4th, and this way, i will come equipped with all of my blood work, etc.

will keep you posted.



created my pumps 2nd profile setting so i could coordinate it with my swimming days and my non-swimming days. so my “Standard Profile” is still intact, and then i set the “A” profile with lowered basal rates (very very conservatively: by .025 units/ hour less than than the Standard) i hope that this will help to keep me steady on my BGs and eliminate the need for Temp Basals; we will see. time will tell. i thought i would fiddle a bit today. as Eric would say: "go with the “Force.” :wink: and thats what i did.

BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN: ( so to speak )

here are the stats (and after a terrible night battling with crazy crazy low BGs in the 30s and 40s which refused to budge…ugh):

prep swim at 11:30 am BG 115, turned off pump, bolused .5 units manually
then the 2.5 hour waiting game till 1:30pm (so that i have no IOB), BG 135, then walked to the pool.

2pm BG 163 (jumped in the water)
2:30 BG 160
3pm BG 138
3:30 BG 121
4pm BG 112 then got out of the pool and gave myself a manual bolus of 2 units. then i walked home and gave myself another 1.6 units to cover 32 gms of carbs and 32 gms protein chocolate shakes. YUMMY :blush:

it was a wonderful swim. i felt strong, relaxed, and in that spiritual groove. i was blessed with a virtually empty pool for over one hour of my swim, then had to share my lane with one other person (which isn’t really bad at all, but its nothing like having the entire lane to myself.) i swam 1.5 hours straight, then followed with 1/2 an hour using the kick board to really power my legs. ( i love that part of my workout, btw)

i am home now. i am high as a kite on the endorphins. very full from my chocolate shakes, but also ready for dinner. it was AbFab. i feel fantastic and totally UNLIMITED!!!



These are beautiful numbers!!!


Awesome job, that’s great! You stayed in a safe zone with no worries. Wonderful job.

You are going to stay on A profile for a while now, right?

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yes; i am going to try and see what happens. i bolused 2 units for my missed basals and i am not certain if i’ve given myself that much before. i know that i have under-bolused and have also over-bolused, both easy enough to correct. i just cant get the formula down yet. ( i know that you are not really into formulas, but i can use them as a guide, and that helps)

i know that i am in a safe-zone BG-wise, but i would like to start at 130 and not go lower than 90. how do i get there? any suggestions?

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Try doing the same as today, but take a bit more than the .5 units when you turn off at 11:30am. If you find yourself dropping too much, when you get out for your BG check during the swim, eat a fish!

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werent those fish the perfect candy for me to pick out above all other sugars? and it was totally by accident. i wonder if they swim upstream?



i put 100% of my trust in eric this afternoon. i never in a million years thought i could accomplish this, but i did and it feel wonderful. (and it doesn’t hurt that i am totally endorphined out, either :blush: ) i let myself swim in the lower BG #s and just corrected with glucose tabs throughout my swim. and it worked !!!

stats for today:
11:30 prep for swim: turned OFF basal with no other IOB; my BG was 134 and i gave myself .5 units (to prevent later spike ) by 1:30pm i was only up to 100. but i persevered. i took 1/2 a glucose tablet and waited until 1:30 when i would leave for the pool (by then, my BG was still only 100)
2pm BG 104 took 1 Gtab and dove into the water
2:30 BG 91 took another Gtab and went right back into the pool; no waiting time.
3pm BG 130 (definately due to the glucose tabs)
3:30 BG 112
4pm BG 92 got out of the pool and took 2 units manually
4:40 pm my BG started rising (123) but i took .8 units and had a carb/protein shake (i know that you might all scream at me b/c i didn’t drink enough post-swim fuel, but when i had double that much yesterday i was too full to eat my dinner )

it was a fabulous swim. first of all, the pool was EMPTY!!! I was in Pig Heaven. i started out slowly b/c i was cautious due to my lower than usual BG. but when i got out and tested, i realized that i had only dropped12 points, so i felt safe.( awesome!) after that, i began pushing myself and my swim felt fantastic. strong and comfortable.
i just felt so happy throughout, challenging myself with the lower BGs. i can’t believe i did it.




That is so awesome that you have conquered your fear and now have the ability to go into the pool knowing you won’t crash!!! And you have helped the rest of us better understand diabetes and exercise.


Wow, that is awesome! Great job!

I knew you would get to this point of being a BG beast. And I am so proud of you for starting at 104! You are ferocious!

Trust in the force!


Made it into an emoji since it’s the most “readable” one.


May the force be with you.


i am trusting !!! yahoo!!! thats one hurdle i can add to my list.

next experiment goal: swimming faster.


DM, if this is not #Unlimited then I don’t know what is!

Your thread is an amazing one! I think it should be compulsory to study it when you go to endocrinology school :slight_smile:


you’re hysterical. i know that if there had been an exercise class for endos, mine definitely missed that one :wink:


So here goes:

yesterday i couldn’t get my BGs up. i was in the 30s and i drank more juice than i had room in my belly. before i crashed i had chips, fries, a burger and guacamole earlier so i had 7.5 units on board from a square bolus for another 3.5 hours. ugh. was certain after eating that my BG would go up, but that would not be the case. i spent the entire evening drinking juice and feeding the low. overnight i spiked (duh) to 247 and corrected through my pump and went back to sleep. at 3:30am i woke up again, tested, and i was 261. i gave myself a shot in the thigh. when i woke up the is morning i had come down to 157, so i bloused for bfast, ate and then went back to bed (i was exhausted from the roller coaster ) w/in 2 hours post meal, i had sunk to 80, then 72. i put myself on a 80% TB ate 2 Gtabs and some peanut butter and lay back down and hid under the covers. finally, by 11:30 my BGs had come up to 125.

i am saying all of this b/c it relates to my swimming. i was afraid that i wouldn’t be able to swim today b/c of all the PITA lows. but i think i have risen above it. at 11:30am, i turned my basal off completely, gave myself a .4 unit bolus, and am hanging in out in front of the TV for the next 2 hours, waiting for my swimming prep, getting all insulin out of my body so i am good to go for the pool.

i don’t want this disease interfering with a life of freedom and joy and pleasure. anyway, i know this is diff than my usual reporting, but i thought that by mentioning the challenge, it may help someone else. i hope that it does.


PS: i will let you know how the rest of the experiment goes after i return home from my swim.


Sounds kind of like your digestion hasn’t settled down, post you last illness. Hopefully it begins to behave. Have fun with your swim.

its been over a week since my illness. this just started 2 days ago. curious. if i hadnt spiked last night i would say that i am simply not a D anymore. i have found the secret formula. :wink:


You found the end of the rainbow!

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i swear, this situation is hardly a rainbow moment :disappointed_relieved:

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was able to make a 2 hour swim. pushed myself hard today. i remembered that one of my goals has been to swim faster, and i realized that the only way i was going to swim faster, was if i swam faster; so today, thats exactly what i did. it was hard, but it felt good.

i had a nice flat line, but my BGs were high the entire swim. here they are:

left the house at BG 142 and due to my lack in trust, i was so afraid that i would crash again, i took 1/2 of a glucose tab before going to the pool. i should have just listened to , who?? to Eric !!!

2pm: BG 169
2:30 BG 172
3pm BG 158
3:30 BG 151
4pm BG 146 / then bolused replacement basal insulin 1.5 units. ( i usually bolus 2 units for a 2 hour swim, but since i’ve been on this darn TB of 80%, i thought it would be best to err on the side of caution, so i tried like an idiot to do the math for 4.5 hours w/out any IOB at all, so that’s how i got this experimental formula)

i don’t know if other PWD have this particular mind set ever but i’ll share mine with you and perhaps you can share your experiences with me:

my BGs are all over the place, they have become, for whatever reason, difficult to manage (highs, lows, unpredictable); so i know i love to swim, but have a lazy mindset. i want to use the excuse: " i don’t know if it is wise for me to exercise today because of X, so i’ll just skip it today and i’ll get back on track tomorrow or maybe even sometime next week."

now i know that is the opposite concept of this entire forum. this goes against everything we try and do here: be UNLIMITED by our disease. but sometimes it can work when we don’t feel up to the job (whatever that job might be). this was how i felt this morning. i kept thinking, “gosh, what a horrible day yesterday was and what a horrible night i had. maybe i’ll just sit in the house all by myself and ruminate how miserable it is to live with D, and how much i hate being D, and how D keeps me from fully enjoying my life…yada, yada, yada.” Well, this is exactly the reason i have been pushing myself so hard. but its work. lots of Fing work. sometimes, i am just exhausted. (for real; not make-believe exhausted :wink: ) i just want to throw in the towel and say “i’m out, i’ve had enough.”

so, for me, today was much more of an accomplishment than my steady BGs. it was a mind-set accomplishment. a day wherein i defeated self-pity. :blush: Yahoo.