Continue to be astounded by impact of Afrezza on a high

I had to post this. Was 304 at 7:20am (don’t even ask) and I took 12u of Afrezza. By 8:30am I was leveled off at 85!!! In 1 hour I was back in range and had ZERO fear of a low.

I’ve been on Afrezza for over two years and it still continues to amaze me.


This is simply amazing.

I wish my son, now in the throes of puberty, as something like this available to him.

Different insulin delivery, in order of speed, rapid to slow:

  1. Intravenous
  2. Afrezza
  3. Apidra intramuscular
  4. Apidra subcutaneous

I wouldn’t ever suggest the first one. And if Afrezza is not approved for youth yet, how about the 3rd?

Intramuscular is not too bad. A bit more painful, but tolerable. And I can get you some Apidra to try if you want.


That is amazing Mike, I am so glad you have found the magic bullet. Crazy cool.

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You find IM painful? Perhaps once a fortnight or so, I have a painful BG check. IMs are about the same for me. (That is, infrequently painful.)

For me, IM combined with heat, massage and exercise – while not as quick as Afrezza – has been greatly reduced my variability.

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No, I don’t think it is painful for me. But I also don’t think a fingerstick is painful, and when I speak with new diabetics, some of them talk about how much it hurts. So I just kind of figure I am used to them.

But I mentioned that for people who have not tried it yet. I think you can feel it a bit more than a subcu shot, especially if you are using a longer needle. I generally use the 1/2 inch for IM, and 3/16 inch for subcu.

It’s not painful for me, but it was just a fair warning for someone who has never tried it, that’s all.


Also, I think Michel told me they are using the nano needles, which are 4 mm. You just don’t get IM with that!

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I use 8 mm syringes exclusively so I only need to tote 1 size. I angle on my midsection. Different strokes, eh? :wink:

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I made a mistake when I said 3/16, they are actually 5/16 inches, which is 8mm.

I mostly use 8mm ( 5/16 inches) when away from the house, I don’t carry a bunch of stuff with me. I have a few 1/2 needles in the glove compartment.

I can get IM on my calf and on a few places with a 8mm (5/16).

But when I want to make totally sure, I say screw it, and hook up the harpoon and dig in.