Communication is key

So, teenagers and diabetes can be frustrating. Well, teenagers are frustrating much of the time, but add in D and it gets to be more frustrating.

So, my son is handling 95 - 99% of all decision making, which is fine, but doesn’t ask as many questions as he used to. So today, I made lunch, homemade marinara with zucchini noodles for the adults, and with pasta for the boys. Of course, I ask my son which meal he wants, and surprisingly he opts for the zucchini noodles. Everyone agreed that they were fabulous, but after dinner my son asks how many carbs the meal was. (it was 12g CHO).

Oops, he pre-bolused for 50 assuming that there was some noodles in the zucchini pasta. Well, fortunately it was his big brothers birthday, and so he had to make himself right by eating some cheesecake.

Unlimited, but I would rather he find out what the meal is going to be before he doses…


It doesn’t stop at the teen years. Sometimes you may have a meal at a work function or a catered dinner gathering, and you don’t really know what the dinner is until it’s on the plate in front of you. So you can’t pre-bolus, which kind of messes things up.

Or at a restaurant, you pre-bolus expecting the dinner to come out in 15 minutes, and 45 minutes later you are flagging down your waitress asking where your dinner is.

But as he figured out, you can always fix it with dessert. Good for him to work through it with some cake!


Yep, good on him. I want Liam to be as awesome when he gets that age!