Clinical study in WA

I have no clue if the weekly basal will be any good…but this looks like a great opportunity for anybody looking for all of their insulin and cgm costs to be covered for a year.

New Weekly Basal Insulin | Rainier Clinical Research Center (

Study Length: 59 weeks, 28 clinic visits, and 28 telephone appointments.

Target Age: 18+ years old.

Benefits: Participants will receive the following at no cost during the study: all of their insulin; study-related physical exams, EKG’s, an eye exam, lab work, use of the Dexcom G6 CGM, a glucose meter, test strips and other supplies.

Stipend: Participants completing the study will receive financial compensation of $2,100.


The web page says:

Weekly Basal Insulin – Allowing More Flexibility With Treating Type 1 Diabetes.

And then the write-up says this:

This is a study of an investigational once weekly basal insulin.

Isn’t doing basal “once weekly” the opposite of flexibility?!

Like “the ability to be easily modified”. How do you modify Wednesday’s basal after you’ve taken it on Monday? If youv’e taken too much or too little, you gotta wait 7 days to adjust it.


Yep I agree…BUT there are people who will be willing to put up with the lack of flexibility in order to get everything free for a year, CGM, insulin etc. No co pays, no deductible, it’s all free. Plus they pay you $2000+ for your time. And the control group is on Tresiba which is not weekly but also 100% free.


The thing that caught my eye is they are doing EKG’s. I wonder what is prompting that? i.e. normal study stuff, or the once weekly insulin can cause EKG changes. Hope the patient disclosure is thorough.


I could see pump users maybe wanting to use something like that at 10% of their basal needs, or some small amount. That way there would always be a very slight background of basal, which could help people.

But even that might be too much for some people. Like if you wanted to go zero for whatever reason, like for correcting a low.


Well, considering how many medical professionals are somewhat mystified by our un-tethered pumping, I wouldn’t guess this would be popular. Regardless of how useful.


Have you ever considered using Tresiba for that?

I am not a big fan of Tresiba’s lack of daily adjustability, but if you are going to leave basal running at some small percentage, I would guess that Tresiba would be good for that. Flatter than Lantus.

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I have been taken out of the position of “trusted advisor” and demoted to person that efficiently pays the bills. But I will mention it to Cody. Turns out I am too “out there” for my youngest child, who tired of my experiments.



Need to get used to that! I’m the proud papa of a 40 yr old daughter. At first, Dad knows everything, then it’s “Dad knows a lot, but not everything!” Then, it’s “Dad knows nothing, what was I thinking asking his advice!” A couple years go by, and your opinion begins to matter again. Finally, you’re not there and we all wish Dad was still around so we could discuss things! It’s a natural cycle of growth, realization, and need… my Dad tried to explain it to me once, but I was in the wrong stage of existence. I miss him…