Changes have made the difference

We have recently started a new regimen (testing, testing, testing!) and we’ve found some success in our new regimen. We are now doing an extended bolus over 1 hour. We do 0 up front and 100% of the meal bolus over the hour. We feed Liam at the 30 minute mark. This alone was still causing spikes so we started also adding a Temp basal at the same time we started the extended bolus. The temp bolus is 50% more basal insulin for 1 hour.

Here are the results for the past 12 and 24 hours. This has been our trend now for 3 days so we don’t think this one 24 hour period is a fluke. We’ll continue testing and tweaking as always, of course, but this short lived bliss really gives me satisfaction.

Previous 12 hour period

Previous 24 hour period


Those look great! Nicely done!


Wonderful results!!

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Really nice results, how many carbs are usually in a meal, and is there any difference in how he responds to different sized meals?

Usually 20 to 40 per meal. There is some variance but not a lot… With the tutors of foods he eats. He got up to 230 today with popcorn. Highest in four days.

I was so happy to read this post, @ClaudnDaye. Great work!

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