CGM Sensor - Time to replace?

How to know when your sensor needs to be replaced.


Either that or your infusion set. :blush:

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Not at that speed of climb :slight_smile:

One more for fun.
This was Day 11 or 12 on this sensor.
So about typical for us.


New sensor and waiting on the two hours now. I have read about “hot sensor swap” process that some people do so as to avoid the 2-hr blackout but we always do a STOP / START on the sensor and put up with the 2 hour wait. Without knowing how the internals of the calibration algorithm work, I specifically don’t want any calibration from the previous sensor to carry over to this sensor.

Not even with a bolus free great banana split challenge?

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You got me there :slight_smile:

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Yeah - that might be getting just a bit too crazy for us.

The state we would end up in and the insulin we have access to would not work out well. It would be bad…

'Course if somebody was crazy enough to have IV insulin then maybe this could be tested.