@CarolynA at the Frozen Otter: FUD Meetup in the Great North

Honestly @CarolynA, I’m alternating between impressed and horrified. That’s way too cold!!!

Congrats on completing the race!!! You’re superhuman :wink: I hope you’ve been able to curl up next to a fireplace while you recover!


I thought of you right away when i saw the first snowflakes yesterday: it started snowing around 4:30pm where we live, about 1 hour SW of Mauthe Lake. Right away I thought of how much harder the race would have been if you had had to slog through fresh falling powder. We already have almost 3" right now. Just one day would have made a big difference.

Of course, it is also 20 degrees warmer!

What an amazing achievement, @CarolynA: If that’s not #UNLIMITED, what is? :sunny:


So much fun! We are back home safe and I can walk normally again. I’m sure we will meet in person again.


Congrats on the ultra !! Wow!


@CarolynA this was an amazing story! Totally shedding a tear for your badass accomplishments in the great frozen north! You are amazing! I am so impressed.

And thanks to @MaryPat and @Kaelan and @Michel for documenting your efforts and success! What a fun experience and a great story. I’m sorta glad I didn’t read it until now, the suspense would’ve killed me!

Hope you’re feeling well today!


Thank you!

If anyone wonders just how sensitive to insulin exercise makes you, I consumed approximately 800 grams of carbohydrates in those 16 hours. In addition to my normal basal (15u lantus at 10pm) I gave myself 3 half unit doses all in the first 7 hours. That’s it.

I did not adjust basal because:
I was walking the entire time and did not expect my stomach to shut down like it might in a marathon (my stomach was fine)
Bolus/corrections require taking hands out of gloves and it was zero degrees
Feeding the basal is steadier instead of rolling between 70 and 150 constantly with lots of 1/2 unit doses as needed- when my bg is changing fast, I don’t feel as good even when its not dangerous.


800 grams! That’s crazy! How’d you even carry that many?

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She carried that many because she’s a badass. :wink: