Buying insulin in Canada: Costco is cheapest source

Looks like G6 approved now in Canada.
But says available late 2019.

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It is approved, but they’re saying it won’t be available until late 2019 (which to me means more like early 2020 before people can actually get it). And then Basal-IQ could be well into 2020 before it gets approved. Meanwhile, you in the US will probably have been using Control-IQ for a year or so at that point… So I’m thinking I’m just going to wait and re-evaluate everything in 2021 or so, by which point Tandem, Insulet, and Medtronic will all hopefully have new pumps coming out.

It doesn’t say who owns the Costco pharmacy, and it may in fact be a subsidiary of Costco, but this is how they characterize the pharmacy:

Ancillary Businesses
Costco refers to several types of businesses as ancillary, including gasoline stations, pharmacies, optical and hearing aid centers, and travel.

On the plus side, while we twiddle our thumbs in the snow, we’ll be getting familiar with all the problems and workarounds before things get released here.

Yes, that is very true!

Though no snow for me. The rest of Canada can keep that!

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No Costco membership is needed for US Costco pharmacies. There are caveats though, such as the CMPP mentioned on other threads which is needed to purchase G6s @ cash cost.

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Any experience crossing into Winnipeg for Costco purchasing Lantus solostar pens? Victoza? Freestyle Libre sensors?

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Nope, I live in Toronto, which is a long way from Winterpeg, but I can’t imagine there would be much difference from here. Call ahead and make sure they have what you want in stock. Pharmacies just started selling Libre sensors, they were only available online until recently, so again, call ahead is my only advice.


A number of folks have successfully purchased insulin of all types in Canada. No prescription needed. Be aware that each pharmacy only has so much in stock, so as @Scotteric mentions, call ahead.

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Many thanks and to @scotteric also!

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