Bolusing for Cheese, etc

I have a problem eating cheese. i have always had it, but i have always found it to be unpredictable. sometimes, i want to eat a handful of almonds with cheese as a snack. i do not bolus for this at all. even though it is a high fat snack, so long as i am not combining it with carbs, my BG remains quite stable (pretty much of a flatline).

but, sometimes i eat something like a white egg omelet with spinach/tomato/ and feta cheese (no carbs there, right), and for whatever reason, i think i need to do a dual bolus; up front to cover the protein in the eggs, and maybe a square over 1.5 hours to cover the cheese. i am not eating any toast or home fries, etc with this meal, so i don’t understand why i need to cover for the feta cheese. (and BTW, i still have not found the insulin formula for this meal and others like it.)

does anyone have an answer to this problem? does anyone have a solution? does anyone understand why this could be happening for me?

all answers very much appreciated. SOS. i want to have this omelet for dinner tonight, and i don’t want to crash or spike.

I would suggest do a test.
Do not bolus anything.
See what happens.
Then you know how/when to bolus next time (for this food at this time of day) perhaps?

i like your idea, but last week, i ate the same meal at the same time i plan to eat it tonight. i bolused to cover 10gms. i still went high several hours later; this is why i was thinking about doing a dual bolus.

any other suggestions or ideas?

I have found that if I eat a meal with no carbs and don’t bolus, I spike. If I add just 5-10 grams of carbs I don’t. I believe I read something in a book, possibly either Gary Scheiner’s or Bernstein’s that recommended always having some carbs with protein and fat. If I can find the info I will post the source and quote it.

When I first was diagnosed and seriously had no idea what the heck I was doing, I was extremely upset when I had poached eggs and tiny bit of mozzarella cheese and then spiked over 300. When I added a WASA cracker (7 grams) I didn’t spike to that extent, just 180. I pretty much have to bolus for everything. .

When I eat just a little cheese or some other protein/fat, like a snack amount, I don’t have to cover it with anything. However, if I have a whole meal, I always need at least some insulin—low carb just means I can take a few units after eating (with carbs I pre-bolus) and that will work well. So when I have an omelet with cheese and veggies I usually take 2-3 units after I’m eating and that works well. I’m on MDI using humalog, so that ends up having a pretty delayed peak relative to eating that seems to match the protein/fat rise (which is slower, lower, and much later than a carb-driven one).

yes; this is exactly my situation. almonds with a slice of cheese dont require any bolus. but if i have an omelet w/ cheese, i need insulin.

last night i tried an exeriment; i have a white egg omelet with spinnich, double order of feta cheese, and an extra egg white. i didnt have any. carbs w/ it; no toast or potatoes; i bolused for 10 gms and i stayed completely level. i went from 94BG to 105BG post 2 1/2 hours after dinner. i have no idea why this formula worked, but it did, so i will do the exact same thing next time :smile: .

i was told to always eat carbs with a protein. i have no clue why; but i just know that if i were to have a tea and a slice of toast in the morning, i would spike…but, if i have the same meal but add an egg to it, i flatline. go figure.

When I was diagnosed I wasn’t told anything other than they hated my diet. I was vegan at the time, and was told that was horrible for PKD and lupus and deadly for diabetes. I was glad to stop vegan, it was a very hard plan to follow and I can’t say it did anything for my health. No one said I had to eat carbs, just to avoid them. Thank heavens for on-line communities otherwise there is no telling what I’d be doing.

Vegan would be tough. Not impossible, but I don’t have that many hours I want to dedicate to the kitchen. So what does your diet look like now?

Low carb, high fiber, lean meats, poultry, pork and fish. Nuts and seeds, cheese. Lots of leafy greens. I completely gave up vegan, it was making me miserable to be honest. I don’t know how I managed to do it for as long as I did.

i just look at food and i have to bolus :wink:

That looks very much like our current diet. Easy to cook for, easy to bolus for, tasty.