BG rebound after low

Lately, I have noticed a change in my son’s BG patterns- he often measures in the 70s or low 80s one hour after eating, and for fear he is going lower, he usually eats 2-3 grams of carb trying to avoid going lower than 70. . Then when he measures again an hour or two later, he climbs up to 100 -120. Clearly this cannot be the result of the 2-3 grams of carb, and it feels like it is a rebound. I suspect that he was below 70s at some point before his one hour measurement and his body is making glucagon to counter that. (He doesn’t wear CGM so we don’t really know what the numbers were before the first measurement)

This is happening more often now and at the same time, I do not see as much hypo like 50s or 60s as 2 months ago. This happens often after lunch injection of Novolin R around his tummy in which case the absorption of insulin is the fastest. He only waits about 20 min before eating and still dips to lows before rebounding.

Anyone has similar experience? I am wondering if it is sign that his glucagon secretion ability is recovering for whatever reason?


@Catalyst5, it may be that his insulin to carb ratio has increased a bit? If he tests a bit low after an hour, this may mean that you use very low GI foods (I think you had mentioned that in the past) and that he might need to inject a bit later?

Honeymoon dosing and timing can be tricky, as so much of the pancreas is still functioning—unfortunately sometimes in fits and starts.

@Catalyst5. Maybe a split dose would work. Have him take about 75% of the total dose as usual, then a couple hours later the other 25%.

I have the same problem with some foods, and the split dose seems to work for me.

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Thanks for the reply, Michel. Yes, he generally eats low GI food and I have recently reduced his bolus insulin dose for all meals. Not much problem with the breakfast and dinner numbers after one hour (injecting elsewhere other than tummy). Somehow the tummy injection works significantly faster (20 min vs 40 min before eating)

I guess I can try to shorten the lunch wait time to 10-15 min and see how that goes.

@docslotnick. That’s a great idea. I will definitely experiment the split dose trick and also shortening the wait time after injection. Thank you!