Before Omniloop

Before beginning with Omniloop, we never experienced such long periods of “relative” flatlines…never perfect, but before loop we never came close to this kind of line.

Lows are too high in this image…trying to figure out why, during the nights, he’s continuing to go low even though we’re in closed-loop, he’s getting no basal, has no IOB and continues to get snacks during the night to stave lows (or bring them up once he’s low). Honeymooning after so long might be what’s going on, but it’s very frustrating right now.

Anyway, to have a “median” of 93 is unheard for us pre-loop. I would add…this is for a 5-year-old boy who eats between 100 - 200 carbs per day.


Thanks for posting - I am considering Omniloop for my daughter Audrey who is 3yo and it is the first time I am seeing anything like this related to Omniloop.

Using Omnipod I try to trend the last few “normal” days in clarity and try eliminate the lows in chronological order starting at midnight. I usually try make small changes and let them settle for 3 days. Try fix one low only e.g. the 01:30 low.

how long are you counting IOB? I have IOB (Humalog) set to 3.5 hours in Omnipod but I know it can be more in reality maybe 4.5 hours. usually any correction bolus at around 10pm causes a 2am/3am low.

It is very difficult to see the 24hour graph in your screenshot but I would try temp basal 10% less for 4 hours leading up to the first low for a few days. maybe try 15% if that doesn’t work well enough. I suppose you may need to change the settings in a different way to bias that behavior.

if you fix the first low the rest of the night might settle 20 higher - hopefully.



The out-of-the-box recommendation for DIA for the Omniloop (Fast-acting, in our case, Novolog) is 6-hours and I’ve gone with that. Until I find that this isn’t right, this seems to be working (although, maybe not!). If you use the loop system already you know it lets us know precisely how much IOB and COB is in Liam’s system at any given time.

I hadn’t considered creating a temp override (Jojo dev branch functionality only), but I will consider this tonight to see how that goes. Thanks for the recommendation!

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we find the temp overrides incredibly useful. Samson can go from 7 units per day to 15 per day; there’s just no way for Loop to keep up without something like an across-the-board boost of 50% or 75%, etc…

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