Basaglar comes in pens AND cartridges: a surprise

We started on Basaglar at the beginning of the year when our insurance transitioned from Lantus. The prescription specified pre-filled, throwaway Basaglar Kwikpens.

After reading the Canada insulin comparative price thread, I went on Mark’s Marine Pharmacy site, and checked the Basaglar listing. I noticed that they offer, for the same price ($125/5), both a cartridge and a Kwikpen version.

I prefer cartridges, so I was curious about what pen the Basaglar cartridges use. I only found one document on the web that references it: the Canadian Basaglar product monograph. The pens are:

  • Humapen Savvio (1 unit incr.)
  • Humapen Luxura HD (1/2 units incr.)
  • Humapen Luxura (1 unit incr.)
  • Humanpen Memoir (1 unit incr.)

Since this is a Canadian document, I am wondering if I can get the cartridges in the US. I’ll find out Monday.

Edit: It may be that cartridges are only available in Canada. My mail order pharmacy does not have them in its database.

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How has the experience switching from Lantus to basaglar been otherwise?

Side story— am very curious because when I was much younger I did a school project on brand power and consumer behavior and was shocked to see the result that in that particular case most people preferred to continue buying the brand name item at the higher cost (in this case ziplock bags) even after it had been literally proven (by me) before their very eyes that they were inferior to the less expensive generic… I’ve been amazed by the power of brand names on peoples perceptions of quality and performance ever since…

Of course insulin is much more complicated than a ziplock bag, but I’m curious to see more reports coming on about badaglar


The response to Basaglar seems to be exactly the same as the response from Lantus for my son. It is not easy to compare because diabetes in children changes so fast – so I cannot guarantee that the same exact dosage applies. But the insulin’s general behavior appears exactly the same to us in terms of speed, duration, flatness etc.

So, in this case at least, the lesser brand appears to be a perfect replacement – just a bit cheaper.

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