Apple road-testing noninvasive glucose meter

Check this out – the rumors are true!

Will be exciting if it works. Wouldn’t be the first vaporware product in this space though. Also in the article, it isn’t clear that the CGM he was using was the Apple prototype or not.

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I couldn’t find an answer to this question - is it interstitial fluid or blood that it looks at?

Neither, rumors say it is Raman spectroscopy in the skin. A few years ago apple purchased a company that was developing that technology.

The technique (not the company) is discussed here:

No idea how it will correlate to blood.

That’s the big question-mark that we will have to wait for then, isn’t it?

from my understanding that technique has never achieved a MARD suitable for true medical applications, but maybe I’m confused. My guess is they’ll approve it as a “health and fitness” band for the worried well, so that they don’t have to jump through FDA hoops. Then maybe it’ll get better?


I am not high on the ability to sense accurate glucose levels from outside the skin, with that said, it would be awesome if it worked. I think you are probably correct, and it could be sold to a bunch of pre-diabetics or people worried about diabetes and maybe decrease their time to diagnosis.

Most likely case, it has little medical application and just becomes the newest fad, i.e. eat low carb so your glucose stays flat all day and improves your athletic performance, accompanied with a bunch of slick online marketing hype.