Anyone interested in switch from Levemir to Tresiba?



Who knows… I think we just easily lose sight of the reality that at the molecular / cell level there’s a lot more going on than “x units / day or / hour” or “basal/ bolus”. Etc…

Just as one of my own quirks I’ve always preferred even number doses eg 20/22 instead of 21/23– because tresiba is also available in U200 and it can only be dosed to even numbers… I’ve never actually used the u200 but I’ve considered it, it’s not clear to me if injecting half the liquid volume is less likely to create site issues over time or not…


Shortly after my last post here, I dropped my morning Tresiba down to 20 units, and have kept that for the past two weeks, including while starting with Dexcom G6 10 days ago. The 20 units seems like the right amount, supported by the G6 results. So far I’m very happy with single injection of 20 units of Tresiba as a replacement for my two injections a day of Levemir, total 30 units per day.


I hope you’re loving the G6! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you, yes I am! Of course it’s still like a new Christmas present - I sometimes stare at it waiting for the update I know is coming any second - just because I can. The xdrip+ phone/watch app makes it even more fun. I was testing my BG a lot anyway, an average of 13 times a day, so I was already working with a lot of BG data, but the graphs definitely simplify the process and remove the data holes (overnight). I don’t know that it will actually improve my A1c or overall control but it might, and the overnight monitoring and alarms should help with preventing lows which was my main motivation. I certainly plan to continue using it and can’t see that changing unless I start to get irritation at the sensor sites or something like that.