Access to "Risk of kidney disease in T1DM" in Nature Reviews Endocrinology?

If anyone has access to this paper, would they be able to submit a fair use review of the article here? it appears to be an interesting 50-year retrospective statistical analysis of kidney disease in T1Ds.


Claire Greenhill, “Diabetes: Risk of kidney disease in T1DM,” Nat Rev Endocrinol advance online publication (October 6, 2017),

The article you’re citing is just a very brief review of a longer published study, not itself an empirical study. I downloaded it and will send it to you, but it’s only a page long. The paper it is reviewing is this though:

I can’t seem to get my access to work remotely for that journal, but I’ll try again next time I’m in the office. You can get the gist from the abstract though.