A single 1/2 cup of milk (6 grams of carbs)

Liam was dangling around 70 so we decided to just give him one unbolused snack of 6g (one half cup of milk). This is the result. He’s currently 222 and still double arrows up.

double arrows up:

Unlike some, we often see hyper sensitive reactions to carbs, that is why we restrict. Crazy isn’t it, and it just sets you up for the fall, and the rebound.

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Liam usually doesn’t jump this high. Usually 1/2 cup and he tapers off at around 150. This time, for whatever reason, it jumped to nearly 250 before tapering off. I guess from now on we’ll do 1/4 cup and see how that does.

How long from drinking the milk until the start of the rise in BG? What type of milk?

I typically find both a delayed and “muted” response in BG to milk (typically the 1% milk).

For my (teenage) daughter that would certainly be an unusual rise from milk.

It sounds like Toddlers are an entirely different ballgame.

30 minutes. Whole milk…we don’t do skim, 1% or any of that…just the good stuff. If he wants water, we’ll give him a glass of that. :smiley: For Liam, this was strange because, as I said…we’ve given him milk lots of times before…I posted this instance because for whatever reason, his BG rose an additional 100 over what it usually would. He’s not sick…I was thinking maybe that could be in, but he’s fine.

Just one of those things…and yes, I believe, and I’ve heard from others that Toddler T1 is like a totally different disease.

Harold, I have studied this phenomenon very carefully over the past few months. I am putting together a longish post to discuss it. It appears to me that, a certain % of the time, when you give carbs when you are under or around 70, there is a hypersensitivity to carbs that shows up. For us it is about 12-15% of the time.

It drives me a bit crazy because almost all the time you have a certain expectation, and, one time out of 8 or 9, you just spring up as if there was no tomorrow.

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I think from now on to account for the POTENTIAL of this occurring, we’re only going to give him 1/4 cup of milk. This way, if he does go up like crazy, it’ll still only top out at around 150 - 200. We can always give 1/4 more if he doesn’t skyrocket as he did tonight.

WE use milk as a correction but it’s a 1/4 or 1/3 cup – so 3 or 4 grams of carbs. We use 2%.

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The other thing we do is give one saltine or even one jelly bean sometimes. I actually find that saltines are a really good food for those times when they’re just lingering a little low – not plummeting, not a ton of IOB (or even negative IOB), and you just want to nudge them up a bit. They work pretty fast and seem to be pretty reliable in their effect, at least for us. Milk’s a lot more unpredictable.

Starting at 70. Then 1/2 cup (whole) milk. 30 minutes later. 52.

No CGM on at the time but clearly was 70 and decreasing. The milk obviously was not the cause of the further decrease just that whatever the “reason” for the decrease, the 1/2 cup of milk was simply not enough to counteract the downward pressure.

So I think you were asking about older children/teenagers in another thread? In addition to more insulin to keep the BG in range, it also takes more carbs to bring them up when they hit a low.

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I believe there is also the Alpha cells and glucagon. From watching when my daughter has a CGM on, this appears to kick in around 60 ~ 65. So this would be glucose hitting the system in addition to the food carbs. It actually seems to work very nicely all by itself if the low is a very slow falling low without significant downward pressure. Sometimes the automatic “boost” is enough to treat the low if we leave it alone. But sometimes not. Nothing that can be counted on.

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That is pretty much never the case for us – I am a bit envious :slight_smile:

are you using the same milk brand that you regularly use?

i am 53 (not a toddler, obviously) and i will give myself 6gms of plain full fat yogurt to gently bring myself up from a low (65-75 give or take) and it will bring me into a nice safe and steady range. it seems from your cgm graph that he did very well for a substantial amount of time; perhaps his high was related to something other than the milk.

i know that my glucose tablets are something like 4gms of carbs each; so if i drink 6gms carbs of milk, i will go up apprx the same amount (about 20 points or so.) if this generally works for him, maybe it is some sort of rebound??

sorry to hear about your frustration. hope you figure it out :smile:

A friend of the family just introduced me to https://fairlife.com/ultra-filtered-milks/whole-milk/.

I tried it and I like it! only 6 g of carbs per cup and lactose free! While I am not a big milk drinker, for many young adults who consume more milk than adults, this could be a good alternative and spike less than regular milk.

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