A pretty good letter to a new diabetic young adult


Very moving, thank you for posting.

We don’t all feel like her. I do all she does every day also, not just for a week: I log everything I eat and inject, and my BG. Sometimes I forget to log, but on the whole I log almost everything. I also decide how much to inject when I am high and how many carbs to eat when I am low. Most of the time I guess better than my dad what I need. I don’t have a pump but I do MDI. But it’s just something I have: I don’t hate it, except maybe when I have to stay up at night because I am low. And it may be helping her, but it’s not helping me: diabetes is tiring. But it is just a thing. Everyone has conditions. This is what I have.


I was really able to relate to her opening paragraphs: diagnosed DKA, in a mental fog, the fingersticks and peeing all the time. :crying_cat_face:


This is the mentality that I hope my son has with him when he’s your age, and older. Most of the time “mind set” is everything. Kudos to you and your parents for fostering such a positive (and true). Sometimes, it’s hard to see the forest for all the trees…but when you can still see the forest, it’s so beautiful.

Proud to know you guys.