670g predictive alert in auto?

Can you turn on Predictive low glucose alert while in auto mode (670g)? Or are predictive alerts only available in manual mode?

Hi! I was waiting to see if anyone with any kind of authority was going to answer you, but none have appeared. That leaves me. I’ve got the 670G on my hip right now, and as much as I hate auto mode, I’m going in just to see if my low management disappears. I’m pretty sure it does, but I’ve got nothing to do right now, and no trip into auto is without adventure and mystery… and it’s Friday… so I’ll be back with an answer. :slightly_smiling_face:

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And this is why I double check before I speak… for those times I really don’t know what I’m talking about. I am currently in auto, and I am still able to access my low alerts. I am able to choose “alert before low”, “alert on low” or both. What I lose access to, of course, is the suspend feature. Hope this helps.

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Sounds like good authority to me !!!

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I appreciate it, but I’m no one’s FAVORITE auto mode authority. I’ll put it that way. I keep telling myself to be nice, but it’s SO HARD…

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Well, you’ve done an excellent job of giving useful information for T1Dmom’s question, and the gritted teeth didn’t detract from that one bit.

Was it obvious?

Thanks Nickyghaleb! I really appreciate you taking the time to figure this out. Especially since it took a little experimenting. :slight_smile: I really appreciate it!!!

The pleasure was all mine. It was like a rescue mission going in there. :grin:

I nominate @Nickyghaleb to now have “authoritah” on FUD. Any seconds?

Second. All in favor vote Aye.

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Is that okay I voted for myself? :grin:

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Actually, I’d like to retract that vote. I prefer to lurk in the shadows only appearing occasionally to offer up questionable answers and advice and duck back away in case it’s all wrong. Makes it easier to blame others when you’ve got no authority. And it’s more relaxing.

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Can you elaborate on what you don’t like ?

Here is a discussion on another forum, on 670g auto mode. Many here are also on TUD.

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I will have to read this when I have a few minutes. I skimmed, but that’s just not ever satisfying…

As far as why I dislike auto as much as I do… where do I begin?? Actually, I guess all of my complaints boil down to one single problem: not enough insulin. This mode wants to withhold insulin at every turn, and that causes major problems for me. If I exercise, I’m treated to 2.5 hours of nothing… I’ll hit a 320 two hours after I’m done (which puts exercise on par with eating pizza!! How annoying!) When I sleep, it sometimes gives me a very stingy 40-70% of my normal rate, sending me into my day with very stubborn, very sticky highs that leave me bolusing for a bunch of food I really can’t eat just yet… In fact, I think it’s why medtronic is really pushing that pre-bolus in the morning… Sometimes I’d pre-bolus, wait my 20 minutes… 30 minutes… 40 minutes, then do the bolus AGAIN before eating. In my book, that no longer qualifies as a “pre-bolus”. That’s a CORRECTION. But medtronic is NOT being transparent on this, and people are plugging on along blaming every one of their highs on their “dawn phenomenon”, “poor carb counting”, “hormones”… you name it. The thing that is the most frustrating about it all is that we’re diabetic, and these things ARE going to be having an effect on our blood sugars day in and day out, but once you’ve entered auto mode, I’d be willing to guarantee there is a GOOD CHUNK of it that comes from this withholding of insulin.

I spoke with a guy yesterday who says that because he is active on the job, he could suspend his pump all day and never go above a 70. That’s not my kind of diabetes. I don’t care if I were RUNNING all day, if I suspended for that amount of time, I’d be a hot mess for probably the next 24 hours to come. The reason I mention him is because he is going to have a different experience on this thing than I do. That can’t be overlooked. But there are volumes of people out there who are blown away by what they’re seeing in auto, and they have NO IDEA what’s hit them. “Minimum delivery” IS easy enough to spot, once you’ve learned what it looks like, but not all of this reduction of insulin is so easily identified. Every pink dot represents a micro bolus, and they all look the exact same, despite their varying sizes. So you see a string of pink dots across your graph screen followed by an enormous high, and you think, “I don’t know what’s happened. It’s not minimum delivery—look at all of those dots.” And you continue to blame, say, your hormones. But when you scroll back, one pink dot at a time, and add them UP, you might be surprised to find you’ve been at the equivalent of a, say, 16% temp basal for 2 hours… sigh

Again, it’s not that none of this will work or does work for anyone any of the time. A complete and undeniable failure would make it a simpler fix. Maybe. But no, there’s a certain percentage of it that DOES work. But in my case, whatever it is doing that WORKS for the moment is often setting me up for my next problem. My blood sugar is pretty all night long, but I’m going to pay for it the next morning… on MOST mornings! I can’t even bank on that! I’m experiencing PTSD here. I might need to step away…

If auto mode could just communicate what its strategy is, or what its been up to over the last couple of hours, or if there were a little beep to let me know I’ve been without insulin for 30 minutes, even an hour… ANY KIND OF COMMUNICATION AT ALL… maybe this would be different. But there’s none. My 2.5 hours of minimum delivery, my 16% temp basal equivalents, all of it, comes and goes without so much as a whisper. This leaves me NEVER being able to look away from my pump, it leaves me testing 3 times as much as I did before, it leaves me trying to find ways to get more insulin out of my insulin pump, it leaves me trying to anticipate what the fallout will be from auto mode’s latest move, it leaves me frustrated, it leaves me hungry, it leaves me bitter, and it leaves me floating at blood sugars I’m JUST NOT COMFORTABLE WITH for far too long and those are the ones it’s CAUSED.


There’s this, too… we have access to trainers, we can call Medtronic, we can ask all we want, but we’re not really given real answers. I’m not sure if it’s because they’re protecting their secrets or if it’s because they don’t have any. I did hear one trainer, who is a consultant trainer, whose husband is a type 1 diabetic who refuses to wear this thing, and who has told me that she has no desire to push a device that’s no good but is trying to learn as well in hopes she can help someone, that Medtronic has said they’re “seeing things” in their first 30,000 people that they “didn’t see in the clinical trials”. I’m not sure what that means. Maybe it’s a positive thing, but it feels like how a pharmaceutical giant MIGHT preface an admission that things ain’t right.

I think you asked something somewhere back there…