Water, Hydration and Kidney Problems

Here is a different condition involving possible dehydration and kidney damage.
For several years I have had much difficulty urinating. Diabetes can cause nerve damage, and weakened muscles. It seems that the muscle that enables me to urinate is nor working very well. I have been taking two pills per day for several years to help urination . That works, somewhat, and I can always relieve the urgency when urinating. I urinate at least 10 times per day, and twice during the night. Despite all the urination, my bladder remains almost full. My urologist has been measuring the amount of urine in my bladder. He has determined that my bladder is not damaged.
When a bladder is filled, and stays filled, it is possible that urine can back up into the kidneys, and cause kidney damage. I have had two tests that show my kidneys are not damaged, but how long will it remain that way?
My urologist says that my bladder expands to compensate for the excess urine. That is why there has not been any backflow of urine into my kidneys.
I have been drinking less liquid to help reduce the likelihood of urine backing into my kidneys. I have not told my urologist about that.
My urologist has described several procedures that can be done to allow easier urination, and an actual emptying of my bladder. One is called “Uro Lift”. I might have that surgery performed soon.
My diabetes has been good! The urination/bladder problem has not bothered the diabetes.


I know this is an old thread, but from here’s my personal solution.
My body has a harder time processing water with my stomach issues. My kidney function tests were always being thrown out of whack.
My GI dr recommended adding a tiny bit of salt to my water, a bit more if I’m sweating a lot. Not enough that I taste it. Not sure of the science behind it, but it really helped.


The right amount of salt will help your body absorb more water. Sodium is one of the electrolytes that help water move into your cells.

A very easy way to do it is to take a salt tablet, and you won’t taste it.

Something like this:


These were absolutely key in making weight for wrestling tournaments… we had to become experts primarily of how to manage how much fluid was in our body at all time…