The Risks of Hypoglycemia



I also think seizures or a coma are very scary. I have not yet experienced either, finger crossed that continues! I have experienced severe lows that lasted awhile while sleeping though (before a cgm). I felt terrible afterwards for at least a full day.

I think there’s a big difference between a severe low and a minor low. I would consider a value in the 60s to be minor.

I think the biggest risks of lows can be better managed with a cgm. Without a cgm, I think it’s much harder to lower your target range safely.

I think we both agree that the target range should be customized to the individual. If I were prone to seizures, I would prioritize reducing lows more than I currently do. With a cgm in hand, I prioritize limiting severe lows but feel that higher bgs are more damaging to me long term than minor lows.


Prior to Dexcom I had about 1-3 seizures per year trying to control my Bg to keep it as low as possible. CGM was a true lifesaver.

If I knew then what I know now I could have saved myself the trouble (and my wife a lot of gray hair). A sub 6 A1c, as I get older, doesn’t seem so important.