The "right" way to talk about diabetes?

I apparently Sugar Surfed before I knew it was cool.

I have two Basal Profiles: Weekend, Work Day

My theory is that if I get the correct “shape” of my daily basal needs, then it is the magnitude that I need to change based on daily insulin resistance or insulin sensitivity. I basal test during Days 7-11 if I need to check the shape. Otherwise there is no point (You could, I suppose, keep an eye on routine rises and do the math to get to your “base” basal rate…but I don’t do it that way. Too much room for diabetes error, IMO.)

My typical results are here:

I hope my response addressed what you were asking. If not, please let me know! (I’m amused that me posting tonight is Days 7-11 but original post is 8-12…ball parks for Diabetes.)