The Power of PreBolusing w Novolog (Flatliners: Look Away, Please....)


Yes, there can be no argument; pre-bolusing is a requirement for carbohydrates if you use Humalin or Lispro. I guess the jury is out for Afrezza; I haven’t tried it so I can’t offer an opinion.

So far as people who might wish to stop me eating are concerned, regardless of how they might seek to achieve their evil aims, they forget, I am a totally focused diabetic monster, their schemes are as nought, and when I am really annoyed I eat all their food too.


It’s fast for us. Like, make real sure the food is ready, fast. :grin:


Most of the time I postbolus, so the food is already there and the BG is rising. I should probably try it.


I postbolus with Afrezza. I wait to see the rise on my Libre (or sometimes use The Force if I “feel” it rising before it shows up). I started out dosing it right before my first bite, and I would frequently go low before I would start rising from the food - I start rising within 15-30 minutes, depending on the food, so the 10-12 min action time was too soon if I did it right then.


We’ve had the occasion where the Afrezza is out of the system before the food really takes effect. That sucks. But it is a great tool to have on hand when there’s a stubborn high or fast carbs for dinner. :slight_smile: