The daily life of cats


Not indoors. I bet he is during the night when he’s outside though. Between him and our other outside cat we have a gift or two presented to us at our doorstep at least once per week. Yesterday was one of those cute yellow finches.



Our cat, Mila has gotten used to hanging out in our backyard during the day. It’s fenced in with high brick walls and we thought she was safe out there. She’s a terrible hunter so I’m not too worried about birds or other wildlife either.

But then on Thursday we were driving down the street in the center of San Francisco and saw a coyote not two blocks from her house. So I’ve been keeping her indoors which she is bummed about. I don’t think the coyotes could scale our walls, but I sure would hate to be wrong…

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Wow! That’s bananas. Wow!!!

You must’ve done a triple take. Because seeing a coyote in SF sounds nuts.

Like a bear in SF would be equally crazy.



taranga isnt doing well…she is drinking some water but hasnt wanted her treat. she loves treat time. she hasnt wanted anything since sunday. i even tried pieces of chicken today and she didnt want it. right now she is sleeping and im in the bedroom with her watching her like a hawk. im not sure what is going on with her and i feel bad. i hope she’ll get up and drink some more water and eat some of her dry food. not sure how to encourage her to do so. not sure if she gotten into something or not. cant imagine what she couldve of gotten into. she didnt even want to snuggle up to me at night :(. so now im freaking out. i told my boyfriend what is going on. so we are on a wait and see type thing.



that sounds crazy. you never know when you may see them



Sending you lots of hugs.

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With heavy heart taranga passed away early this morning…my boyfriend and I brought her to the vetenary hospital akd then dr said there isn’t anything we could do to save her…so we had to put her down…I’m crying, hurt, in pain, lonely, scared, catless, etc…I stayed at my boyfriends last night and will have him stay at my house tonight…my mom and my boyfriend suggested I take bubba back and do what I was doing…taking care of him…I’m not sure as it hasn’t been 24 hours yet… so she flew her wings at 12:30a April 17th

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@amymc My heart goes out to you. This isn’t easy. I am so very sorry. I’m sending you lots of tight hugs and love. Stay strong my friend.



Oh sweetie, I am so sorry and am sending you a heartfelt hug. :pray:



Oh no! I’m so sorry Amy. I’m sure that Taranga had the best life with you that a cat could have. And I’m positive you’ll miss your furry friend. :crying_cat_face: Hopefully having your family close by will be a comfort and I’m sure Bubba will need some love too. Sending good thoughts your way.

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I’m so sorry! As @TravelingOn said, I hope you can take some comfort in knowing she had a good life with you. Treasure the memories. hugs



oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about sweet Taranga’s passing.



Aww, @amymc, I’m so sorry about Taranga. She sure had the best home!



i stayed at my boyfriends house weds morning. he slept over at my house last night, and right now i am at my best friend’s house for the night. i went to pack up some stuff for the night and it was too quiet. i was expecting taranga to be in the bedroom waiting for me or in her favorite spot in the kitty tree. i almost bursted into tears. i cried last night in my boyfriends shoulder. i feel lonely right now. i havent gotten over the loss of my baby boy calvin and now i have this one.

@Nickyghaleb how are your babies? any updated pics?



@amymc, I am so so sorry to hear about your baby. :pensive: that is very sad news. It sounds like you gave her a loving home and a very sweet life.

I took a picture of them just this morning in case you asked. So this is Bootsy and Cleo from this morning…

image image

Let’s see what I can tell you about them… They are the best of friends. They hang out all day together, sleep together, eat together… They are BOTH very loving. Bootsy talks incessantly, and not that I know anyone else that talks incessantly, but, boy, do I wish she would shut up sometimes. :sweat_smile: Cleo is the master of eye contact. It can be very intense. She talks much less, but she really expects you to look her in the eye when you’re doing… everything. Cleo sleeps with me most nights, and Bootsy won’t let you sit down for 30 seconds before occupying your lap. Her lap. We’ll just call it what it is. What else? Bootsy is the best jumper— and does like daredevil stuff. No sooner than I say, “oh, she’s never going to make that” does she land it. Cleo, knowing her own limits, watches from safety below. We did find them both up top in the loft one morning but have no idea how they got up there. I imagine it involved some kind of piggyback scenario, Bootsy doing all the work and talking all the while. :grin:

Oh! And they ran their mom out of town. Catinha packed her bags— completely on her own— and moved into my mom’s house, two doors down. This is for real. She followed my mom home one night, right into her room, and refused to leave. Just straight refused. My mom had to go out and buy her all the cat gear, and she now has a permanent roommate. I really, really enjoyed watching Catinha become a mother and figure out motherhood as she moved through it, but to watch her pack up and move out was just the funniest thing of all. She occasionally comes through our house and does a drive by bop on each of their heads before running back out the door. That’s a serious power move. I cry I laugh so hard.

Anyway. That’s the update. Hope this finds you well. :heart:



they grow so fast!!

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a ying yang to each other :).but they both have separate personailities at the same time

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I am so sorry, losing a beloved pet is never easy. I don’t own a cat, but have enjoyed reading about yours.

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thanks…im glad you enjoyed reading about taranga. i stopped at my house today to get a few things and i almost cried when i couldnt find something. it was empty. quiet, etc. ive been staying at either my boyfriends or my best friend since she passed away. i only slept over my house once but my boyfriend was with me. its hard to be at my house right now



this is the last pic of her and i…i have it as my home screen.