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Just don’t do the same for Omnipod insertions! I had my first 2 site infections from going too deep into muscle and 1 landed me in Urgent Care for minor surgery to relieve the swelling. Let the inserted do the job. No issues since I went back to just letting it ride!

@KaseyAlen That sound like an awful thing to have happened. My pods almost always go on my stomach and I won’t hit muscle there. I was and still am having issues with pods performing poorly the second day. I talked to an Omnipod educator and they recommended I pinch the skin up, but then apply pressure down on the pinched up skin. I have cushion with a fat layer though lol.

I use my legs for my pod when trying to keep my abdomen free of stuff, x-rays, doctors visits etc. But I have a heating pack on my back and one leg a lot so my sites are more limited there. I really dislike my arms for pods, for one I save them for my Dexcom and they also seem to not be a good absorption site for me.

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Amen brother!!! My endocrinologist said “ you don’t need any test strips with that Dexcom”. I was like bull crap!!! I have to calibrate it every now and then! She doesn’t know what it’s actually like living with Diabetes. She may treat a lot of people, but we do live with it…


Maybe show your endo the dexcom manual that comes with each transmitter or web page that states a dozen times if symptoms do not match do a fingerstick.