Pumpers: first bolus post exercise?

Yes the old dog is still learning new tricks…thanks in large part to you and the knowledge base of this forum!


I should add that I’ll probably switch to pump next year which will start a whole new round of tinkering.


Look forward to hearing about it!

i followed eric’s advice on this exact query. i swim for 2 hours completely off my pump. and i prep before i swim for an additional 2.5 hours. that totals 4.5 hours off my basal insulin. before i detach, i give myself a little mini bolus of .5 units. it keeps me from spiking when my basal is off.

from the moment i get out of the pool, even if my bg is low (like 75) i know i must bolus my replacement basal immediately. if i don’t, i begin to shoot up high in just seconds. for a 2 hour swim, i usually bolus 2 units. my basal is generally around .55/hour ; with that in mind, i am replenishing my body with a percentage of basal that was missed. but b/c i live 15 minutes away from my gym, i also pre-bolus for 2 Boost Protein/carb shakes. but i only bolus 50% of what i would generally need if i hadn’t been exercising.

then i wait at least 2.5 hours and eat dinner (i bolus regularly for dinner.)

depending on your exercise you may want to do a lowered TB for overnight so that you don’t go low. but YDMV. you’ve got to test it out on yourself. as for me, i don’t need the lowered overnight TB. don’t know why; it just is.

hope this helps some. but, keep asking questions until you find what you are looking for and what will make sense for your needs. we are all here for you and rooting you on your quest. the journey is well worth it :sunny:


Having @Eric available here for all of us to get help with exercise has been a real blessing. I am tracking my BGs and basals for each yoga class and am doing better avoiding lows. I think your 2-hour swim is more energy intensive than anything I do and I am very happy that you have found an approach that kerps you safe during and after your swims!