Omnipod: three bad sites on a row

I’m willing to give it a try, I will see if I can pick some up and try in my next pod. That actually makes sense to me that it could be the Humalog. When I was on a pump vacation I found injecting Humalog occasionally caused irritation. It’s funny that I did not remember that. It is completely possible that I am reacting to it now/again.


Switching to Novolog helped my problem for the most part. I also do my best not to sleep on top of my pods. I’ve found that a certain area on the back of each of my arms is prone to cannula lumps that take a while to soften up (month or more). The skin may be too thin there or it moves too much or maybe it’s too close to muscle?

I’ve never used a tubed pump so I cannot compare site integrity, but I think pods lend themselves to certain care and consideration that perhaps tubed insertion sets may not. Or I have sensitive skin.

But overall, novolog was the biggest help for me. I was starting to get injection welts from Humalog, as well.


Yep! @Eric was right! Humalog was a fail after day two. Novolog has been much better!

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What was the issue with Humalog for pump use? I also use Humalog and did when MDI, too. I almost always have the red welts when I remove a pod. They usually go away in a few days or so. I do have absorption issues, so now I only use my abdomen. Would Novolog help with these issues? I wonder if I should try to get a vial of Novolog just to try it out??

For me, Humalog started to go crappy on day 3. I have had much more consistency for the full 3 days when using NovoLog.

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I am hoping the switch the novolog helps. I haven’t tried it yet, as I still have some Humalog left, and feel like I should use it up first. I don’t remember my sites being this sensitive on a tubed pump, however, I think I treated site changes differently. Like wasting a pod seems like a bigger deal than a tubed site? Not sure why my brain sees it this way. Anyway I have a lot of suggestions here that I hope will help. Thank you all for the information!


One word of heads up @JuliaS13, when I switched to Novolog, my body was pretty sensitive to it for the first week or so. Then it settled out to work similarly to Humalog in my body.


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I suppose this would happen when switching from Humalog to FIASP, too? I’m thinking to try out FIASP and just want to be prepared for any changes between the two insulins. I know FIASP is faster, a good thing, but are there other changes I should be aware of??

I’m finding lot’s of good info with this search here on FUD.

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Well, I understand FIASP is designed to work faster. So I would definitely prepare for that.

In my limited experience, it seemed like my body was resisting Humalog…and then when I tried Novolog my body gobbled it up for the first week…and then it got a more normal level of resistance to Novolog? Those first few days it was working fast and efficiently. Now my ratios are what they were on Humalog before Humalog started giving me fits.

If I tried FIASP, I’d expect it to work way faster than Novolog (fast in, fast out). But I cannot say for sure on any of these things. Just my best guess on my sample size of one! :grin::grin:

ETA: I experience shower intensification of my Novolog in a way that I never did on Humalog. So now I time my showers to be at least three hours after a bolus or I just take much quicker/just warm showers if I can’t wait for whatever reason. That’s the main difference I see now. And I get a full four hours of action from Novolog that seem pretty evenly distributed, personally. Humalog’s action was a bit more front-loaded as far as I could tell.


We tried FIASP and couldn’t really detect a difference for us from Humalog. It was about the same.


That is good advice @T1Allison. I will be careful with that. Thanks for the heads up!
I gotta say that I feel so supported by this community. Thank you for helping.

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I received some samples of FIASP from my endo and am on my first pod. I want to see if FIASP will prevent the red welts that I consistently get from the Humalog.

I’m on day 3 with the FIASP, using OmniPod, and Loop’s Fiasp insulin model. So far, I’m not getting very good results. I spike very high after a run (eg., BG 50 to 175 mg/dL!), under very similar circumstances where I would not spike with Humalog. And I’m using much more insulin, eg., 4U for breakfast where I would use only 2U with Humalog, as well as increased amount of basal. I have not increased my basal rate, but Loop more often triggers my Max Basal Delivery to prevent a high (than with Humalog).

I have yet to remove the pod, so I’m not sure yet whether it is helping with that issue.

I also have not been able to detect any difference in peak insulin effect either, though it is suppose to react faster!

So it sounds like it just takes time to adjust to FIASP? Or perhaps it is related to my settings in Loop. I haven’t changed any of them, except the insulin model from Humalog rapid acting to Fiasp model.

Hoping the next few days improve, and there are no red welts!!