Newly diagnosed teen swimmer, too embarrassed to wear Dexcom, Advice?


@katiereeder, I had a good laugh at that :slight_smile:


My favorite was when one of our children started gathering the neighborhood children to perform this pre-K ritual.

edit: I am not sure the neighbors knew why their bushes grew so well.


Excellent! Melanoma totally sucks! EH has had it a number of times and it’s lame. Avoid at all costs. (He’s the pastiest white dude you’d ever seen too, never tanned, one bad burn as a kid.)

And five boys! That’s a pile of wiggles and sunscreen would make them slippery - so rash guards seem smart.


i know this has NOTHING to do with being self-conscious, b/c i do wear my pump site on my tummy, not with pride, but with an “i dont care” attituded.

but, i still use finger sticks. i get out of the pool every 1/2 hour and test, and then jump right back into the pool and continue to swim my laps. if i am trending low, i take some Glucose Tabs and jump back in as usual. it works just fine for me.


I love the way you put it, DM


thanks michel.

i had a friend from a long time ago who refused to go on the pump b/c she loved to sunbathe on the beach. she took terrible care of her D. i told her that i wore mine b/c i would rather have a little tubing and a “sticky” on my belly than missing a foot and being blind do to complications (which happened to my uncle)

she never got the message, and now she is, unfortunately, paying for it.


That is sad really. I have been in hospital OR’s where BKA (Below Knee Amputation) is the most common surgery on the schedule. Those days always made me a bit sad.


the thing is that we can only lead by example and suggestions, rather than promotions. vanity is tough. i believe that my worst bouts with it were during puberty. now i could care less about someone seeing my infusion site. some people stare, some ask questions, some dont even notice.

you should see me in the locker room when i get out of the pool; once i take my bathing suit off, there it is for everyone to see and i have to bolus basal replacement insulin, so i hook up my pump and press a few buttons, hang the pump off of my towel, and bolus away. :blush: you do what you gotta do when you want what you want. thats life.


When EH was newly diagnosed and it felt like he was the only dibe for a thousand miles around, anyone understanding what T1 even was, was helpful. And anyone else seeing his supplies and saying they were T1 also was always really exciting. :smile: I think in the last 12 years there’s been under five negative comments and lots of positive ones.


i find that people who see my pump sites are either confused, interested or even impressed. if someone asks me questions, i have no problem explaining it to them. some of these people who are interested and ask questions end up being the ones who are impressed.

(there are also those people who pretend not to notice)

you cant see the site while i am in my one piece swimming suit, but when i am at the beach wearing a bikini, there it is, out front and center. i am proud to be wearing it; it is a badge of honor.


I am happy to report that my 14 year old has found a solution and has been swimming 5 days a week on his high school team and competing in meets. His idea was to use kinesio tape like all the beach volleyball players seem to wear all over their bodies. We just put 2 long strips of the black tape over dexcom which he is wearing on his lower back. He has not mentioned anything about it since using the tape. I’m not sure if anyone has asked him about it or what his reply would be. Doesn’t matter since he is happy, healthier and competing! Added bonus is the dexcom is much less likely to come loose in the pool. He is using Rock Tape, it is very flexible and doesn’t seem to irritate his skin. We have been removing the tape on Friday and put it back on Sunday night to last through the week. I’m now a big fan of beach volleyball players!!


@sbretall, what a GREAT idea! So glad to read that this has solved his problem.

Congrats on your first post!


besides wearing it under the speedo jammers on the upper thigh this is probably the most brilliant idea I have seen in a long time.