New to xdrip, how do I install it?

Hey just a few questions
Is there a conflict if your using the dexcom app and this at the same time? I would imagine so but I’m using a g5 sensor but I could have sworn a you tube channel said that the samsung s8 plus can pick up 2 different blu tooth signals at the same time and when I tried installing the app it wouldn’t pick up the signal and then eventually died and went back to my dexcom app.
Also does this work w android pie? I haven’t upgraded my OS yet because the dexcom still isnt compatible yet…
Thanks all

Hi @Nobeac Welcome to FUD!

That is correct. You cannot run the Dexcom app and xDrip+ at the same time on the same phone. With the G5 it is possible to run the Dexcom app and xDrip+ on different phones receiving a signal from the same transmitter.

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Ok thank you. But does this work with android 9.0?

@Nobeac Yes, xDrip+ should work with Android 9, but still not with the Dexcom app on the same phone.

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Hi can anyone help my son has the libre sensor and miaomiao and i have just bought a ticwatch pro hoping that it could be used as a stand alone option so that his phone(samsung j4 plus) doesn’t gave to be beside him all the time but having some trouble. I have installed glimp as i cant seem to get xdrip and it works ok on watch when his phone is nearby any help would be great

@Bradyboy Welcome to FUD! We have a lot of parents of T1’s here, so you’ll fit right in.

Why can’t you get xDrip+? It’s not on the Play Store, it has to be sideloaded from Github on the internet. You can find it here:

I’m not sure if the Ticwatch Pro can be made to have a direct connection to the transmitter though.

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FWIW, Xdrip is working with fine Android 10.0 Beta 5

@elver Thanks! That’s good to know.

Most welcome @docslotnick

Quick question, im currently familiarising myself with looping for my son to start in December. I’ve read the docs and have downloaded android studio and have successfully downloaded androidAPS and ruffy to my Samsung and created nightscout. However I’ve tried to do the same with xdrip+ and keep getting an error msg during the build stating compile is obsolete and due to expire 2018. Is there a possible way around this? I’ve searched around but haven’t found any tips. Or can the file be directly downloaded from github to the phone?
Big thanks in advance

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I downloaded mine direct from github, working fine since about 3 months ago.

Awesome thank you. Android is all new to me, not to mention APS. Got it to work yay. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Good luck with APS. I don’t use it, but some here do.

I have no idea how to DM [quote=“elver, post:2, topic:5242”]
[/quote] , but hope they doth appear when I invoke their username because I have a further question. I’ve just set up a dexcom G6 with a Samsung S6 for the first time. Does this mean I can’t use the transmitter and sensor with xdrip? Because that’s hat another forum was telling me…

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Hi @Towerhil I just want to clarify that I understand your ask - You have paired a Dexcom G6 receiver and a Samsung S6 phone (using the Dexcom app?) with a transmitter and now you also want to pair the same transmitter with XDrip? Generally speaking , and @docslotnick please correct me if I am wrong, but it’s usually one or the other, XDrip app or Dexcom app. You can’t cross the proverbial streams like in Ghostbusters as the 2 apps don’t play nice together. Also, there is a 2 item link limit for the transmitter - you can pair up to two items (a phone and pump, a phone and watch, a phone and receiver, etc)

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Yes! I am thinking this may not be happening for me. I thought I’d at least start out doing things by the book, then embellish, darlings. I can wait for a new transmitter then try again. It just didn’t seem too advisable to buy a new system then say ‘You know what, to heck with the instructions I’m gonna pair this with something I found on github.’ at least for the very first time of trying. Everyone raves about xdrip though. I guess I’ll be back in another 12 weeks when the transmitter fails!

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@Towerhil XDrip is great, and you can have it upload to a Nightscout site (free on Heroku) so there is no 20 minute information delay for your followers. Also Nightscout’s reports IMHO are every bit as good, if not better than Dexcom’s. My Endo has my Nightscout web address, and pulls her own reports, so she gets what she wants whenever she wants.

So for you the user, you have to make a choice - Dexcom app or Xdrip app, not both. One or the other. Xdrip can seem daunting, and occasionally it has a brief covfefe, but it works with more handsets than the official Dexcom app.

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Yeah I think I’m ready to dive in immediately. Dexcom just doesn’t deliver, particularly in terms of sharing the data. Also some of their stuff seems to be in a permanent covfefe loop looking for their keys, putting them down, looking for their keys again.

@Towerhil You can’t pair the transmitter to xDrip+ and the Dexcom app on the same phone.

However, if you use separate phones, or a Dexcom receiver, you should have no problem.

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This is excellent news - thank you for your steer!