Personally, I would never assume that unless I knew the doctor. Sometimes they may not know about other options. Might be that NPH was the only basal insulin that was available when they were in medical school. Hard to say.

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I took it l last night at 9:30 and my fastings were at 98. I spoke to the nurse this morning they increase it to 10 units and she does say that it’s because of the pregnancy the placenta just getting bigger and producing more insulin resistant hormones. Hopefully this works.

Hello again. I am wondering if anyone has heard this before because to me it makes no sense.

I took 10 units of NPH last night a little after 9pm. My bedtime snack and physical activity is the same. This was the first time taking 10 units. My fasting was 113, higher then yesterday. I called the nurse thinking my insulin would be increased but she said it takes 3 days to take affect??? Have any of you heard of this? I would think if insulin is in my body then it will do the job on insulin at that moment not 3 days from now.

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No, it does not take 3 days for NPH to take effect. The nurse might be confused about a different type of basal insulin, or about metformin which does take a few days to start working.

However, as a general rule for any type of dosing change - and this is pretty important and fairly standard for any insulin - you want to try it a few days to make sure you need to change. There are a lot of variables, like you mentioned food and activity, etc.

So you should probably stick with the same dose for a few days and see if you get the same result before making a change. And always make gradual changes to be safe.


@Chubbs.mama, NPH is a tricky insulin. You need to be quite careful. The danger, for you, would be that you would peak in the middle of the night. This is not a danger-free medication.

It occurs to me, btw, that one way your numbers would be unexpected would be if you vary the time at which you take your insulin the night before. Do try to take it on a very repeatable schedule.

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I’ve followed your guys advise. So far it’s working! 7 weeks to go (about).


@Chubbs.mama, congrats on all working out relatively smoothly so far, we will keep our fingers crossed!!!

I just want to say this group was so helpful to me. Having gestational diabetes I had many questions and the members in this site are very informative. You guys helped have a healthy baby girl at 8lbs 5oz. She didn’t even get hypoglycemia at birth. Thank you guys!!!


Congratulations! That’s great news! Share some pictures!

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Soo glad you found our site helpful! Congrats on the new Baby Girl! That is really a fantastic blessing. Here is hoping your gestational diabetes resolves itself quickly.


Congratulations and welcome!


So happy to hear all is well with your little girl! Congratulations to you and your family.



@Chubbs.mama, what a wonderful ending and hope all is well and resolved by now, both for you and the baby!