Life insurance and diabetes

That’s sad. :frowning: I don’t think they understand that someone with well-maintained diabetes can be just as healthy, if not more healthy than someone w/o D. Maybe they shouldn’t pre-judge w/o first at least getting an A1C from the applicant.


I’ve heard of some diabetics getting life insurance (reportedly the insurance rates made no distinction between type 1 and type 2)

I am grossly under insured myself, largely because, like many of us, my work offered a fair bit of coverage so when I started having kids (before diabetes) I went the penny pincher route and opted for only a 20 year term policy at what was about 5x my annual income. Now it’s only got 13 years left and is about 3x my annual income. In hindsight I should have opted for a much larger term policy and for a longer term.

I don’t know a lot about insurance but have been hesitant to apply again because I’ve heard rumors that if one insurer denies you you’re essentially screwed from then on because of their underwriters exchange… they essentially blacklist you if one denies you. I don’t know if that’s true, but it’s what I’ve heard.

@mikep do you know anything about this sort of stuff?


I can’t contribute anything about diabetics getting life insurance, but I am in a different risk category, and got a good rate using the online site They found me a considerably better rate than anyone else. If coverage can be had, I am guessing they can find it.


Before diabetes I had called matrix direct and was uncomfortable with their high-pressure fast-talking, and they still didn’t produce a quote nearly as competitive as what Usaa (my normal go-to insurance) did right away

This might be an instance where dealing face to face or over the phone with an actual insurance broker (or whatever they call themselves nowadays) from a reputable firm who knows the industry and all the tricks might pay off more than Dr. Google

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