Is an Apple Watch (or similar) on a 5-year-old going to inevitably lead to atomic wedgies, etc?


Gosh, Harold, I really feel for you (and for the poor little tyke). Simply reading your sentence makes me cringe for him. I remember what you used to write a year ago about this.

It is very hard as a parent not to automatically react to every feeling we see our kids express, particularly when it is pain.


it’s so hard :frowning: Samson STILL hasn’t accepted having the sensor put anywhere other than his arm.

These little guys really do have a lot on their plates – sometimes it’s hard to remember that.


Funny part is that I’ve changed the POD many times in his sleep and he doesn’t feel a thing most of the time. The other day he said “Papa, can you change Fred when I’m sleeping from now on?”. I had to explain to him that timing of the pod expiring doesn’t always work out to be able to do it when he’s sleeping… But that’s his preference.

He wakes up and says…“how did I get two Freds on?”. I explain to him I put on a new one while he was sleeping.

I can’t remove the old one until he’s awake though… He does feel that and that wakes him up.


Well here is wishing that 100% of his pod changes can occur at night. We all know that he will eventually grow out of it, but no one wishes pain on a child…small tear…


I don’t want to sound crazy, but would it be worth wasting however many hours of pod life to accommodate Liam’s request? It might be worth it! I know you guys have your hands full with a lot of other kids, so maybe night time is super busy?

We have a problem with the pod is getting put on at night, and then the PDM making the loud noise later to remind us to check BG. That’s annoying, so I don’t know if that’s part of it. But it’s great that you have found something that works! And hopefully it will become possible to do it at night?

I will add that we just did a pod change last night at 11 PM before bed, and it seems like maybe it didn’t work out. EH didn’t bolus after insertion and woke up at 220. :frowning: We are also clearly struggling with the Dexcom alarms for some reason. Not really sure what’s going on there. Because the G6 is a lot more accurate than the G5. Anyhow I added that because if you’re going to apply a new pod, maybe giving it a tiny bolus would be helpful. So I can see how that would complicate things if he’s sleeping. :slight_smile:

And I love the quote about waking up with two Freds!


Over the short term, no, but over the long term (he’s 4), it certainly would make a significant difference. I try to do as many nights as possible, but no, I don’t want to go there…the pod changes occurring at night may be great for him, but it isn’t so great for his control because, being a new site, it doesn’t saturate correctly so he’s high, then low, it’s a roller coaster. I’ve thought of it, but there are more negatives with doing that than there are positives. He’s just going to have to adjust, eventually.


That makes sense, now that you point it out. I’d not considered the new site issues over time and an impact on the absorption as the problem. :confused:

And I’m sure he will grow up so quickly, and get to the easy and doing it himself point before you know it!!!

Also I should never mention it’s going well with the Dexcom. It heard me - decided to prove me wrong. Today Eric’s sensor randomly fell off post shower - day 5. Then he installed a new one and it was a massive bleeder and we were heading out the door for the evening and didn’t want to have to reinstall at 1am and wait for the warmup if it didn’t work. So he took that one off and is on sensor #3 in one day. Sigh. Technology! I’m glad though it doesn’t make him cry.


Funny! I juked ours recently too. We have had a string of 6 months when my son’s sensor has been very short lived, often less than a week. Then, for the past three-four months, we took super extra care in picking really juicy sites, and it went pretty well. At the beginning of September, I thought we had finally solved this problem, and announced victory to myself… The last four weeks have been dreadful :slight_smile:


You would be my kind of parent. Now, it might be why I have three bad kids, but…



I am sure that is not true :slight_smile:


I’ve got the three sweetest, smartest, most beautiful children in the world… to me. :two_hearts: