High BG Excursions

mine does go above 200 a few times a week. it depends on whether i realized i overate, etc. so a few times a week. today i was in the 300s but thats because i mistaken the number of carbs that my breakfast was.

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@amymc, if you’ve mentioned it before, plz forgive me. What regimen are you on? What insulins (injected, inhaled, etc) do you use?

im on an insulin pump. and its the greatest invention ever!


And which insulin? Novolog? Humalog? Apidra? Other?

i use novolog and if my pump malfunctions or im in the hospital and need to do a long acting its levimir.


Yep, you just gotta figure out the timing and the amount. Do you have 1/2 unit dosing with your pen?

Liquid is faster! And easier to get a big shot of carbs quickly. You can use it straight from the pouch, or use a sports bottle and mark the ounces on it so you can take less than the 23 grams in a pouch.

Thomas posted the Amazon link for Prime, that’s what I use for training.

(Racing is different because, that’s when you can run into the limit of how much glucose your body can process in an hour, so you want to use a 2:1 ratio of short and long chain glucose to fructose. But that’s not anything to worry about for less than a few hours, we can save that topic for a different day.)

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If you like those, you should also try the UCAN bars. They are also an extended release, but more carb-based, not as much protein. But a very flat release. Try them!

Don’t get the drink mix, it is kinda chalky. But the bars are not bad!

You can also get them on Amazon.