Going back to the previous transmitter in xDrip+

I have a failed new transmitter and want to go back to the former one (I didn’t realize that you can keep using them longer than the 3-month mark with xDrip+). Is there anything special I need to specifically do on xDrip+ in order to reset it to work properly with the former transmitter that it was working with? Do I need to reset the transmitter itself, or is that only if you’re using the Dexcom app?

@Headlands No special treatment needed. Just set the correct serial number, as you would with any transmitter, and start 'er up. :grinning:

Love it. Thank you.

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I’ve got a question that if anyone can answer, you’re likely the one @docslotnick

Dexcom is now shipping the revised G6 Firefly transmitter. ID for G6 firefly starts with 8Gxxxx and the transmitter is visually different than the old ones.

These transmitters cannot be reset to restart the G6 sensors after 10 days.

Has someone developed a workaround for this yet?

Hi @Jim_YYC That is now a hot topic on the Gitter page. JaMorHam has even requested if anyone can send him a new sensor to do some back engineering.

But I think that Dexcom can only stay ahead for a little while :blush:

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Thanks for the reply @docslotnick

If they come up with a solution please let us know :+1:t3:

Here is latest (8/1/2019) related to reset, restart for 3 G6 transmitter id series. (80, 81, 8G )

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