FreeStyle Libre and Medicare

I was excited to find that Medicare covers the FreeStyle Lebre. My ACC has been bad for years and I just can’t seem to bring it down. So I got my kit and started using this new no finger stick method. I love that you can check your sugar as often as you want. I was finally learning how my sugar levels rise and fall with food, insulin and activity. So my sensors were used up and I checked with the pharmacy to get my refill. Medicare doesn’t cover the sensor refills. I was told it would cost me $90. for each 14 day sensor out of pocket. No one tells you that when they send you the kit. My sugar was staying within range more each week. I was looking forward to my next A1C. I don’t know whether to be dissapointed or pissed off. Has anyone else had this problem?


I can’t speak to the problem, it is my teenage son that uses a CGM and so we aren’t dealing with Medicare. But I will say that we learned more in the first month using a CGM, than in the previous 6 with fingersticks. If you can’t get the Medicare thing fixed, you may want to pay out of pocket (if you can afford it) for 2-3 months worth of sensors.

For us, the learning leveled off after a couple of months worth of testing. i.e. basal tests, pre-bolus tests, etc.

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I think that is incorrect, but there is a trick. There are both 10-day and 14-day sensors available. Medicare, I believe, only covers 3 10-day sensors per month, but no 14-day sensors.

I am quite sure that Medicare covers the 10-day sensors:

I am less sure about my statement on the 14-day sensors. It would probably be worth calling Abbott directly. Does anyone know more?

In either case, you can resolve your problem by ordering 10-day sensors rather than 14-day sensors! Are you using a pharmacy or another type of supply arrangement?

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Here is updated diatribe, which includes 14 day Libre. It also states approved for Medicare, and list of suppliers in link from the article.

Link/download of Medicare info:
Click here for Abbott’s healthcare provider page on Medicare coverage


This is great news !!

Please check info I just posted to find possible providers for 14 day.


I started using Freestyle Libre 3 months ago which I paid for out of pocket. I am still dealing
with my Aetna Medicare Advantage insurance to get it paid for. They say as of 2019 they will cover
80% of the cost. There are just a couple of hoops you must jump through. First you have to get a Pre certification for it from your doctor. Then you have to get it charged to part B and supplied by a
Durable Medical Equipment provider which they will let me know about after I get it pre certified.

I will not relent on this my A1C went from 7.3 to 6.2 as of this morning.



I bought my 14 day sensors from walmart, out of pocket, using goodrx for 116$


That is great!

How many sensors did you get?

Two sensors. Using no insurance only goodrx.

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