DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread

Taking Friday and Saturday off to hang out in the hospital. Everything’s fine, they just know a hypochondriac sucker when they see one and have lined up some expensive tests to make worth everyone’s while. :dancer:t2:

Monday. I’m back on schedule, and tomorrow maybe a nice walk.


I’ll send a lot of positive energy your way, @Nickyghaleb, along with good thoughts and prayers, that all tests will turn out in your favor, you’ll being given answers to any problems, with easy, fixable solutions!


Good luck with everything, @Nickyghaleb!

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@Tapestry said it better than I could. Hope everything works out great for you.


thoughts and prayers are with you. dont give the staff too hard a time :rofl:


Sending good thoughts, energy and prayers going your way. Not fun being in the hospital over the weekend, but we are all pulling for you!! :pray::four_leaf_clover::dancer:

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Actually just slightly less fun than being in my house over the weekend…

Thank you, @Tapestry, @T1john, @daisymae, @T1Allison, and @Trying. You guys made my night with your warm thoughts. And daisymae, I was a complete welcome mat with the hospital staff so they had no problems with me… until my mom walked in. Then they didn’t like me. But mom was just showing me how to take care of business and quit being a wimp. :heart: That lady is pretty hardcore and a complete inspiration. :grin:


Okay. I was back up and at it today but with pretty mixed results. I got most of it done though, so there’s that. And didn’t end up back in the ER which was also a victory.

The run was a 1.5 mile warm up, 32 minutes at 7.5 (8 min miles), and a 1.5 mile cool down for a total of 7 miles. I won’t bother with the hospital details, but I’ll say Friday was not a diabetes thing… but was something else crazy and scary enough that I’ve been careful since getting out. Wasn’t sure I could do today’s run but really wanted to, so that’s probably how I came to be doing most of it—but then stopping abruptly when I started feeling bad.

No ZB today because I wasn’t sure when I was going to start. And I had a coffee… because I didn’t think I could do this workout, on this particular day, without it. I figured the lack of ZB might offset the coffee rise if I got started right away—and that seemed to be the way it went.

Starting BG: 113
Cutting basal
Mi 1: 115
Mi 2: 102
Mi 3: 99
Mi 4: 121
*.2 bolus
*Huma (not feeling too hot and wanted the caffeine)
Mi 5: 136… Had to stop the treadmill
*8 min break (lots of stuff going on that felt wrong)
…Then feeling better so
Mi 5.1: 115…really slow jog
*Resume basal
(G6 showing a 155 two arrows up so did a .2 unit bolus because I was anticipating a rise—but then retested and came up with 114)
Mi 6: 82 (because I bolused unnecessarily)
Mi 6.5: 77

And blah. Really severe blah. I was glad I got back on and jogged for a bit only because I didn’t want to end it at that 8 min pace, but it just never felt okay. I was working hard from the first mile, and tried as I might to not think numbers, they wouldn’t leave me alone. Lots of hard physical stuff this weekend and lots of meds, and I think my body was just a little beaten up.

So I don’t want to miss tomorrow, but maybe I can do it at a slightly slower pace? And then if I feel better than expected, I could always pick it up?


its my husband who ends up making the most sense and gives the best guidance. my mother is just annoying and good at stealing the attention.

glad our warm thoughts were of some help!!! here at FUD is the place to get it. never fails :heart:


Hang in there, @Nickyghaleb!

@daisymae, :heart::heart:


Whoa, @Nickyghaleb, you are amazing :dancer: Great run despite the tough weekend in the hospital! I hope you’ll feel better tomorrow, and yes, do what you can tomorrow. You might have some unexpected energy from all of us sending good thoughts your way! :wink: :running_woman:



Interesting. I’ll have to spend some time thinking about the greater meaning in there. Or try not to think about it at all.



5.3 mile run @ 6.4 treadmill pace today. Yesterdays’s run was borderline very crappy, so I had low expectations for today’s… and was more or less pleased. :fist:

No ZB today. Didn’t know when I was going to run I was “on call” for driving people here and there. Was dropping fast around the time I realized I could get in a run, so…yogurt and coffee :roll_eyes: before starting.

Starting BG: 165
Mi 1: 166
Mi 2: 150
Mi 3: 122
*4 candy corns (long story)
Mi 4: 91
Mi 5: 57 (felt like I was running in a swamp…in space)
*7 candy corns (approx 10g carbs)
Mi 5.3: 49
Walked like a tenth… and then just sat down. Second day in a row with this ending.

So more or less pleased. :expressionless:

RPE was like 5 for almost the entire thing and then went crazy once I had that fast drop. Sloppy. Spacewalky. And crampy. It turns out candy corn, @Eric, is not a great carb source during a run. I don’t know where you come up with this crazy stuff.

Only kidding. :wink:


I recall 3 things I recommended. Prime, Huma, and Transcend…

I know you are just messing with me. :grinning:

Glad you could run today.


Watching you two interact is so entertaining, @Nickyghaleb and @Eric!!

My husband gets so frustrated when I say things out loud that I don’t mean just so that I can hear how crazy they sound in order to let it go…apparently that’s not a normal thing that people do.

So it makes sense that it seems like @Nickyghaleb uses a similar tactic sometimes…:grinning::grinning:


I’m up. It’s been a pretty crappy week all around for health stuff, but today has been solid. Maybe I’ll get some of this for a bit.

@Eric, question before i start… I’m on Levemir and doing various kinds of syringe boluses. Because I ran out of supplies. :star_struck: Anyway, today I knew I was going to be able to run as soon as I got home, which would be 30-45 minutes, and I knew I was already about 30 minutes late on my afternoon Levemir dose. I figured it was actually perfect timing since I had a long run but ALSO remembered you saying I didn’t have to wait until after my run to do the shot. Here’s my question… If I do a regular bolus (novolog) and then run, it’s going to speed up how soon the insulin acts. Is this also true of Levemir? I was hoping to avoid a major climb after my run, so I decided to do my Levemir just as I was starting—but then I did worry most of the run that it might cause it to kick in faster? Harder?? Not even sure of what I was afraid of… and then everything turned out to be just fine anyway. But can you explain exercise and long acting insulin??

Then I have to start with Thursday’s run. I was pretty sick Thursday night and most of yesterday, so I’ve got nothing to report for Friday. But Thursday was great…

July 18 indoor
1.5 mi warm up
4 sets: 1/2 mi @ 8.0 with 2 min jog
1.5 cool down

Cutting basal at start

Starting BG 138
6 candy corn (don’t ask)
Mi 1: 92
Mi 1.4: —-
Mi 2: 60
Stop for a minute (3 minutes)
*2 glucose tabs
Mi 3: 66
Mi 4: 74
Added one extra lap @ 8.0 (to make up for the three minutes earlier)
Mi 5: 87
Mi 5.74: —
*.25 unit bolus
Mi 6: 109

Total: 6.3 miles with RPE of 6.3ish? Felt good and strong and happy.


And today was an 8 mile run indoor (because it feels like 110 outside). @Eric, I have another question for you… I couldn’t bring myself to do the entire thing at 6.4 today just because that monotony… I just didn’t have it in me to battle my own ridiculous thoughts for that long with nothing else to do. So I decided to do 1/4 @ 6.4, 1/4 @ 6.5, 1/4 @ 6.6, 1/4 @ 6.4 until miles 6 and 7 where I mixed in a 6.7. So i didn’t follow your workout exactly, but I also had a lot of fun. I also realize that this kind of run doesn’t really prepare me for the next half… because that’s all I’ve got for the entire race—my ridiculous thoughts. But what do you think??

Anyway… needed this today. I really did. :hugs:

Saturday July 20
75 min @ 6.4

Levemir at 7 am 18 u
No nothing with stable/falling BGs up til 4:30
Still low 64 at 4:30–coffee
4:40 8 units Levemir

Starting BG: 79
Mi 1: 87
Mi 2: 95
Mi 3: 89
Mi 4: 88
Mi 5: 80
Mi 6: 84
Mi 7: 85
Mi 8: 84 :fist:

RPE: 6.fun

Oh! And one more question, Eric… when are we back at 10 miles???


Did I miss going back on Levemir?


Just ran out of supplies. :grin:

But paper towels… I’ve got those organized. And enough alcohol wipes to get me through the year. Just no infusion sets. :woman_shrugging:


That’s fine.

The long run pace is just intended to keep your RPE in check, that’s all. The specific pace is not as important as the overall effort level. So what you did was fine. No worries with what you did.

Levemir is magic stuff, isn’t it?

Lemme tell you a bit about the magic in my next post…