Dexcom g6 ...new user old diabetic


That’s about the only long-acting insulin I haven’t tried. But my understanding is that it is very similar to Lantus (just more concentrated) and I do have a lot of experience with Lantus. I assume you do too since you’ve had diabetes for longer than I have; I’ve used NPH, Lantus, Levemir and now Tresiba.

I will say that I like Tresiba most of all - it is truly a once a day insulin (unlike the rest that all required two injections a day for me) and it has a very stable action compared to the others. Maybe ask to try that if you haven’t yet; I highly recommend it.

Novolog and Humalog are genetically engineered proteins that share all amino acid sequences except for one. In practice, this change seems to make very little difference. When I tried both, I could find no difference between them in either potency or action curve, so I stayed with Humalog since I was already on that.


Try a new location and use some tape. For a couple of yrs I used them on my stomach and they wouldn’t last or flake out. Changed to back of arm and got even longer life. Biggest improvement was when I started using smith&newman opsite flexifix tape. I started going from maybe 9 days to about 20. Seemed to improve the accuracy. You need a razor blade to cut the hole to fit over the sensor, worth the effort. A roll of that stuff will last you until they find a cure in 5 yrs. If your crunched for time you could also try those precut ones they sell on eBay/amazon.


Thank you. Will try!