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I know this is an old thread, but I also have used the modified G5 app on my Moto G5 Plus, and it works perfectly. But just to let you know, I run the old receiver and the Moto G5 app simultaneously. The receiver seems to have less range than the Moto G5, but there are also some times when the receiver still transmits data fine and the phone doesn’t. Very strange. Log story short, I wouldn’t assume that the old receiver is no longer working just because it gives ??? when the Moto G5 app doesn’t.


There really is no problem adding to the knowledge on an old thread. Appreciate the additional clarification @toddbeall

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I’ve now inexplicably lost connection with the Dexcom modified G5 app on my Moto G5 plus. Restarted the phone. It says that the app has stopped, and that I should restart it. Any suggestions?
[I didn’t realize how dependent I had become on seeing the dexcom reading on my phone!]

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Are you saying the App needs to be restarted, or the sensor? If the sensor, we have restarted them many times. If the App, that would be above my pay grade.


Suggest uninstall\reinstall if app is the issue, or just kick it in the knee.


Thanks for the quick reply!
Ye, it is the app, not the sensor. It will shut off without any warning, take forever to load up, etc. All started today.
I just redownloaded the app and am hoping that will fix the problem.
Strange, since I don’t think there were any recent software updates to the phone–not sure why it all of a sudden decided to get super quirky!

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Just uninstalled and reinstalled (before receiving your message). I’ll see if that helps things.
Not sure kicking it in the knee would be super beneficial!

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In case anyone is following this thread, when I uninstalled the app on my Moto G5+ and redownloaded and installed it, it worked perfectly! I have no idea what happened, but am quite happy now!
Thanks for those who replied!


Can you provide info on where you downloaded from?

Is it identical to dexcom, but tweaked to run on non-supported phones?

Hi all – along the same lines as the discussion above…

My son has G6 and a sort-of newer iPhone (6? maybe), so no problems using that. But I wanted to use Follow, and I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 that won’t die…

Couple years ago he used the G5 and the Follow app worked on my S4. Now the Google Play store won’t serve up the Follow app because it isn’t supported - even though Dexcom claims the Follow app is the same old app, etc etc

So… – does anyone know if there is a hacked version of the Follow app as well? Or can someone point me to an old version of the Follow app because if it really hasn’t changed, I should still be able to Follow along with an older version, right?

Any help would be very greatly appreciated!!

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@follower You might try going to Google Play on the web to download it.


Hope this works!


Hi, new to this forum as my daughter was recently diagnosed. My question is around the Dexcom Follow app and how to get that app on an old android phone. My daughter received the Dexcom G6 and my wife is able to use the Follow app to watch her levels on her Apple Iphone. I have an old Android phone, a Samsung Galaxy S4. The phone works just fine other than I can’t seem to use the Follow app on it and I obviously want to. I’ve read through a number of conversations on this site but am still confused so before I go out and spend the money on a new phone thought I would ask here. Is there a way for me to use the Follow app on a Galaxy S4 either through the xdrip+ I have seen mentioned in conversation or by using the link at the top of this thread? Thank you for your time.

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Hi @gm1967 , welcome to FUD!

Dexcom may have some limitations on which phones can use Follow due to the FDA. The S4 is a pretty old phone.

You can use xDrip+ successfully to make a Security Group among your Android phones of any age.

What you need to do is set the PWD (person with diabetes) up with xDrip+. Then load xDrip+ on all the other Android phones you want in the group. Then copy the settings from the PWD’s to the other Androids. (Do this through the xDrip+ app). Then set up the Security Group on the PWD phone.

The PWD will need to keep his phone within his proximity with a Wi-Fi or data connection to maintain a connection with the rest of the group.

If you trust the Dexcom algorithm more than xDrip+, just run the PWD phone in native mode.

Also, on your daughter’s phone, set up sync with Dexcom Follow in xDrip+ and your wife can continue to use Follow on her iPhone.

Any questions, let me know. Good luck!

Hi, thank you for the response. One question, my daughter (PWD) has an Iphone. Is there any issue with using xDrip+ between her Iphone and my phone which is Android? Thanks again. Appreciate your time.

@gm1967 Yes, there is a problem. XDrip+ is an Android app. It won’t work on the iPhone.

I guess your solution is to get a newer Android phone for yourself. I don’t think you’ll ever get your daughter to switch her iPhone for an Android phone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I doubt the issue is Bluetooth conflicts. I can’t remember for sure but since BT V3-ish BT is made to handle multiple clients well.

My own observations with xdrip+ and the G5 is running both receiver and xdrip on your phone in parallel leads to increased battery drain, you are feeding two devices from the single transmitter. Supporting two device simply drains the batteries in the transmitter more rapidly than a single BT connection.

Dexcom developers are wimps, hahaha-just teasing them, a little-they have the FDA & and you name the alphabet soup haranging them constantly.

When they submit the system for approval a list of supported devices for the software & hardware sides, needs to be included. That means Dexcom kinda is forced to allow only a tiny subset of devices.

Xdrip+ has no such restrictions. I’ve been thrilled with xdrip since getting my CGM earlier this year. But i did run transmitter on two simultaneous BT connections, the Dex receiver and my Moto 5e (one with huge 5000ma battery for almost 48hrs between charges… oops OT). Running that way i did track battery drain. I then ran on just the phone and drain dramatically reduced.

Anyway that’s the take I’ve gleaned online searching to figure out what numbers mean a dead battery.

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New to the FUD community, but I wanted to ask how many people are still using the Build Your Own Dexcom App form and if the apk’s are still good for more recently made phones? We just upgraded our daughters phone and it isn’t “officially” supported by Dexcom (Galaxy a20).

Also - if this build your own dexcom app works, how can I donate something to the maker of the form?


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@JackBurton Welcome to FUD!

Yes, the app is reported to work with any phone, and with the G6. I haven’t used it, but I’ve kind of been following it on Reddit.

Sorry I don’t know anything about donating to the developer.

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Instead of tackling this using Xdrip or the phone app, Could you get around this issue by uploading the data to a Nightscout site and then just following the Nightscout site? I know it would have a delay, but it would get around all of the other issues outside of timely notifications.

I use the build it yourself Dexcom app on my Samsung s10e, and it works great. I too have had issues when restarting or starting a sensor. The solution is to uninstall the app and then reload it. The point of this is that you don’t have to download it again, the apk is still on your phone. Go to files, storage, downloads, and you should see it there.

I run the Dex app and xdrip+, with the xdrip+ receiving from the follow part of the app (not draining transmitter battery any faster). Data still goes to Clarity for analysis, but I love the way xdrip is more predictive of glucose readings, warns for lows, and customization of snooze on alerts. Also works nicely for my Galaxy watch (very cool).