Dexcom App For All Android Phones

@elver Good find!

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Thanks @docslotnick!

Hi mwashburn
I’m new to FUDiabetes.
How are you going with using Dexcom G5 with the Motorola motoG5?
Anymore issues since your last post, or have you moved onto something else.
I’m currently using libre freestyle style, but would like the CGM functionality.

Everyone - I realize this thread is a little old but I hope we might be able to add a little more discussion around this. I currently use xDrip but am finding that my readings are approx 30 points lower than my BS readings. I wanted to look into trying out this Dexcom application however I am a little skeptical, not understanding how the code base is being modified, ensuring the apk is actually safe. Looking for input on what you experiences have been with the application and its overall accuracy, any security concerns etc.

@jduff You don’t have to use the Dexcom app. Just have xDrip+ use the “native” mode. The algorithm used comes from the transmitter, thus it is Dexcom’s algorithm exactly. You would get the exact same readings on your receiver or Dexcom app.

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Thanks I just checked my settings and they are set to use the Native Algorythm. I will keep a watch on it and see how things go since this is a new install. Thanks for the input really appreciate it.

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I know this is an old thread, but I also have used the modified G5 app on my Moto G5 Plus, and it works perfectly. But just to let you know, I run the old receiver and the Moto G5 app simultaneously. The receiver seems to have less range than the Moto G5, but there are also some times when the receiver still transmits data fine and the phone doesn’t. Very strange. Log story short, I wouldn’t assume that the old receiver is no longer working just because it gives ??? when the Moto G5 app doesn’t.


There really is no problem adding to the knowledge on an old thread. Appreciate the additional clarification @toddbeall

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I’ve now inexplicably lost connection with the Dexcom modified G5 app on my Moto G5 plus. Restarted the phone. It says that the app has stopped, and that I should restart it. Any suggestions?
[I didn’t realize how dependent I had become on seeing the dexcom reading on my phone!]

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Are you saying the App needs to be restarted, or the sensor? If the sensor, we have restarted them many times. If the App, that would be above my pay grade.


Suggest uninstall\reinstall if app is the issue, or just kick it in the knee.


Thanks for the quick reply!
Ye, it is the app, not the sensor. It will shut off without any warning, take forever to load up, etc. All started today.
I just redownloaded the app and am hoping that will fix the problem.
Strange, since I don’t think there were any recent software updates to the phone–not sure why it all of a sudden decided to get super quirky!

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Just uninstalled and reinstalled (before receiving your message). I’ll see if that helps things.
Not sure kicking it in the knee would be super beneficial!

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In case anyone is following this thread, when I uninstalled the app on my Moto G5+ and redownloaded and installed it, it worked perfectly! I have no idea what happened, but am quite happy now!
Thanks for those who replied!


Can you provide info on where you downloaded from?

Is it identical to dexcom, but tweaked to run on non-supported phones?

Hi all – along the same lines as the discussion above…

My son has G6 and a sort-of newer iPhone (6? maybe), so no problems using that. But I wanted to use Follow, and I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 that won’t die…

Couple years ago he used the G5 and the Follow app worked on my S4. Now the Google Play store won’t serve up the Follow app because it isn’t supported - even though Dexcom claims the Follow app is the same old app, etc etc

So… – does anyone know if there is a hacked version of the Follow app as well? Or can someone point me to an old version of the Follow app because if it really hasn’t changed, I should still be able to Follow along with an older version, right?

Any help would be very greatly appreciated!!

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@follower You might try going to Google Play on the web to download it.


Hope this works!


Hi, new to this forum as my daughter was recently diagnosed. My question is around the Dexcom Follow app and how to get that app on an old android phone. My daughter received the Dexcom G6 and my wife is able to use the Follow app to watch her levels on her Apple Iphone. I have an old Android phone, a Samsung Galaxy S4. The phone works just fine other than I can’t seem to use the Follow app on it and I obviously want to. I’ve read through a number of conversations on this site but am still confused so before I go out and spend the money on a new phone thought I would ask here. Is there a way for me to use the Follow app on a Galaxy S4 either through the xdrip+ I have seen mentioned in conversation or by using the link at the top of this thread? Thank you for your time.

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Hi @gm1967 , welcome to FUD!

Dexcom may have some limitations on which phones can use Follow due to the FDA. The S4 is a pretty old phone.

You can use xDrip+ successfully to make a Security Group among your Android phones of any age.

What you need to do is set the PWD (person with diabetes) up with xDrip+. Then load xDrip+ on all the other Android phones you want in the group. Then copy the settings from the PWD’s to the other Androids. (Do this through the xDrip+ app). Then set up the Security Group on the PWD phone.

The PWD will need to keep his phone within his proximity with a Wi-Fi or data connection to maintain a connection with the rest of the group.

If you trust the Dexcom algorithm more than xDrip+, just run the PWD phone in native mode.

Also, on your daughter’s phone, set up sync with Dexcom Follow in xDrip+ and your wife can continue to use Follow on her iPhone.

Any questions, let me know. Good luck!

Hi, thank you for the response. One question, my daughter (PWD) has an Iphone. Is there any issue with using xDrip+ between her Iphone and my phone which is Android? Thanks again. Appreciate your time.