Daisy Mae's swimming BG thread


Are you saying you went 50 yards every 45 seconds?

If you did that for 90 minutes it would be 3.4 miles!

That’s awesome!


yup. i did that!! i think that is one of the reasons that i am so sore today. i really pushed myself like a mad woman yesterday. :rofl:


That’s also the reason you ran low all night!

You probably used close to about 180 grams worth of carbs, depending on how hard you were pushing yourself. And as soon as you finished, your body started replenishing it, putting it back into your muscles with anything it could get.

When you are done, eat up!


fifteen minutes after i get home (after my bolus) i drink the 2 Boost Shakes. that’s 32gms of carbs and protein, and i add on some peanut butter with celery. sometimes cashew nuts.

maybe i should drink 3 shakes instead?

3 hours after i had bolused for my shakes i bolus for dinner. i am changing my ICR from 1:12 to 1:14 at dinnertime. i’ll see if that helps. i think it will make a difference. fingers crossed.


battling BG lows ALL day long, i finally decided to do a TB of 95%. dont know if thats going to be enough of a reduction, but i got to start somewhere. :wink:

also, as i mentioned earlier, i lowered my dinnertime ICR to 1:14. hopefully that should take care of my BGs.

we’ll find out.

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The difference between a 95% basal and 100% basal is about the same as either looking at your insulin vial or not looking at it. :smiley: It is such a tiny difference!

If a 95% TB works, that means you probably would have been fine at 100% or 105%.

I wanted to put that difference into perspective for you.

At your basal rate in the afternoon, and your IC, the difference between being at 100% and 95% is about 1/3 of a single carb!

1/3 of a carb! It’s about the same as you eating this much of a single saltine cracker every hour! Not the whole cracker, just that tiny little bit in the blue!


Anyway, I just wanted to share that so that you don’t get too worried about small little amounts like that.


i am super sensitive to insulin, especially when i am swimming. the tiniest amount can be the change all of all change alls. i figure that i have nothing to lose to give it a try.

my normal basal rate at this time of day is .525/hour. at 95% basal, my rate goes down to .475. it could work. but i’ll keep you posted. obviously, if it is not doing the job, i will lower it further. gotta start somewhere, right??? :wink:


That actually looks about a 10% change?

I think .500/hour would be 95% of the .525/hour


OKAY…just to give you a sense of how sensitive my body can be, its been 1 hour of 95% TB and i have gotten my BG up to 97. i am going to bolus for dinner in 15 minutes. we’ll see how that change in my ICR works out.

i know its not that wise to make 2 changes at once, b/c if something works, it could be a result of one change or the other, or the combination of the two. fingers crossed.

(also, i remember you always telling me that “today’s BGs are a reflection of yesterday’s activity.” today i did absolutely nothing, so tomorrow might bring completely different needs than today.)

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will be swimming tomorrow. cant wait. i took 3 days off and my body has not enjoyed the metabolic readjustment. my basals are kooky, my ICRs are off, my corrections are too many…You get the picture.

but, i’ve been fueling up and re-cooping, so hopefully i will have some back to back great swims. i am keeping my fingers crossed.



What is your plan? Are you busting it? Are you doing 2 hours?

How about 2 1/2 ?!?!

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sorry to disappoint but i didnt sleep a wink last night. couldnt sleep at all…just stared at the ceiling until at 6am i finally gave up and had bfast. then i went back to sleep. utterly exhausted.

BUT, i will be swimming tomorrow and friday; promise!!!



Hey Everyone!
DM wanted me to post for her.

She has been in Florida all week and doesn’t have her computer with her, so she has not been able to post, but she has been texting me every day and telling me about her swims.

She has been swimming everyday and has gone 6 days in a row, which is the most she has ever done! She has been swimming very hard and was very sore and needed Advil last night.

Today she is finally taking a break from swimming and is just going to the Mets game.

We talked about her swimming the English Channel. She still needs some convincing. :smiley:

She is doing great. She will be back home in a few days and will give everyone an update!


In Florida for a week, doesn’t have her computer, swimming everyday, and going to a Mets game… Does it get any better?? Tell her hello, and I hear there may be some envious people around here… :yum:


Excellent!! Thank her for sharing!


Really awesome news! Looking forward to the update.



okay, well it wasnt exactly my OWN pool, but it might as well have been. every day that i swam, it was empty. it was an outdoor pool at my mother’s place in Sarasota, Florida. the sun shined down on me and warmed the water to a luxurious temperature. not too cold and not too hot either. pure perfection. it was a lap pool, so for those of you who are unfamiliar with that term, it is a fancy way of saying that it is a rather shallow pool which is very long and rectangular. perfect for swimming back and forth and back and forth.

and thats just what i did. i swam back and forth many many times!! :rofl:

my BGs werent excellent, but i always landed in target at the end of my swims. it was a challenge that i put myself up to, b/c since i didnt have to worry about getting a free lane at my local YMCA, i could swim any hour of any day. so i woke up at 5am, ate bfast, went back to sleep for exactly 4 hours, turned off my pump, waited exactly 2.5 hours on zero basal, and jumped in for my usual 90 minute swim. i swam 6 days in a row, and on the 6th day i swam for 2 hours. it was sheer Heaven.

maintaining my BG control was a challenge the entire trip. i didnt sleep well at all, and my meals were more carbs heavy to accomodate the swimming. also, daylight savings time really screwed things up for me (did any of you go through this as well???). also, and i dont mean this in a bad way, my mother is a very stressful person to be around, and i think i kind of absorbed her stress which in turn raised my BG levels. i put my pump up to 140% TB and had my share of IM correction shots. but i managed, and even when it felt unmanageable, i spoke to Eric on the phone and he walked me through, step by step, ways to be truly UNLIMITED, and not give up on myself.

so i wont be posting all of my BG numbers, b/c it would be overwhelming, just needless to say, it went well despite many unexpected challenges. the only other times that i have been on so much basal insulin has been when i am deathly sick (flu, pneumonia, surgery etc.)so this was weird. and, now that i am home, and i swear that this is the absolute truth, when i put my key in my front door, my basal has returned to 100%. i never imagined that a vacation could cause such stress.and whats weirder is that i am totally relaxed. go figure.

so, many many thanks to Eric for pulling me through, and thanks to all of you with your kind words of encouragement. like the saying goes: “It takes a Village.” Thank God for ours!!! :sunny:

signing off,


I’m so glad you got in your daily swims while visiting your mom!! I’m guessing that was a highlight of the trip! And to have it be the right temperature and close by was excellent!!!

:rofl: For many many years now every vacation with my mother has made me say “Man, I need a vacation from my vacation.” Because it’s so stressful! You are not alone! I’m sorry it’s the case. I am positive there are lots of people you could vacation with who wouldn’t cause you such stress. But family knows how to push buttons. If EH and I travel with my family, we now make a stop elsewhere on the way home to reconnect and decompress. It works wonders.

I’m so glad you figured out the TB stuff and did your best for BG control and managed to swim 6 days in a row!!! And that arriving home reduced the stress! Yay!



well its nice to be back home and on my regular swim schedule. today’s prep was a little different than usual, because i spiked after bfast and was not in target for turning off my pump for 2.5 hours before my swim. when i woke up this morning my BG was 78 and i bolused for my meal, but 2 hours later, my BG was 137 !!! this has been happening gradually over about the past 3-4 months (since i have been recovering from my pneumonia), and i have been gently lowering my ICR to get more insulin at bfast time. well, this morning, i was simply fed up with the spike, so i was more aggressive when i changed the ICR. hopefully tomorrow all will be restored.

i had to be flexible and trust in my “diabetic swimming education” to remedy the high BG. so, and this was really just on a hunch, when i turned off my pump, i did a .7 unit pre-bolus in the hopes of both bringing down my BG as well as keeping me from spiking while on zero basal.

well, it worked like a charm. and i will now have more reference info for the future if and when this happens.

it was a great swim. i swam at a good pace, and i think i swam about 3.5 miles. i am already looking forward to tomorrow’s swim. i want to push myself harder and faster. i had been doing a 1 minute pace per 2 laps, i want to bring it down to 45 seconds. that’s the next goal.

here are today’s stats:

1pm bg 104 (took 1/2 gtab)
1:30 bg 125 (oops, took a little too much carbs)
2pm bg 112
2:30 bg 98
3pm bg 97

basically a nice, in target flat line. feeling good about it, especially because i started out on rocky ground thinking i would be starting much higher.

i can only dream of swimming the English Channel; i think that this is really Eric’s fantasy ; but i’ll keep on setting new goals and pushing forward :sunny:

signing off,