Daisy Mae's swimming BG thread



DM I’m so sorry to hear how slow and frustrating this recovery has been but I am glad to hear you are slowly improving. I am really keeping my fingers crossed that you will be able to jump back into the pool soon!


You’ve been in my thoughts often so I was very glad to see your update. Hopefully the correct meds will speed your recovery along! Keep us posted! :sunflower:


thank you everyone for you good, heart felt wishes. its been a long and lonely road. hopefully on the mend soon. really challenging controlling my BGs, but thanks to my handy pump and my dexcom, and MANY Temp Basal Rates, i have kept all things in tight target range. this, to me, is shocking and awesome. ( 175% TB!!! can you believe that someone my size would need that much insulin!!! OMG.)


100% for the normal Daisy Mae
50% for sick Daisy Mae
25% for non-swimming Daisy Mae

= 175% for the non-swimming and sick Daisy Mae



I know there’s not much you want to hear when you’re down in it, but at least you caught it when you did. The water will be there for you when you’re ready. First you take good care of yourself.

Thinking of you, @daisymae.


DM, I am so sorry that you’ve been so sick and so glad to hear that you are on the (slow) mend. Please continue to take it easy. So good that you were able to be with friends recently and I hope you have more visits planned for the near future. Those are healing in themselves! Hopefully the pool isn’t too far down the road, either. Sending healing thoughts + hugs. xo - Jessica


Has it turned into a good tool for you, or is it still giving lots of problems? I guess one indicator would be whether you still need to take so many fingersticks, or has that reduced quite a bit because of the CGM.


although the dexcom can still go wonky at times, it has really been helpful to see my BG stability as well as rises and falls. even if the dexcom #s are off, i can see if i am going up or down (without using the direction arrows which can change on a dime). also, it seems that the longer i use one sensor, the more accurately it aligns with my finger sticks.

and, to answer your other question: no, i am not using as many finger sticks as i was earlier on. my fingertips are happier campers :wink:



yesterday morning i got the best news: i am completely free of my pneumonia!!! and, the doctor said he was surprised by the speed in which i recovered especially for my being a diabetic.

i owe this to my swimmers strong lungs!!!

i wont be able to swim for a while, however; i am now in what is called the convelescent stage in which i must strengthen my lungs (and body). i take short walks every day and build up one day at a time. it wont be for approximately a month till i can return to the water; and, i will not be able to expect to swim with the same intensity level that i was previously…that will have to build up over time. (UGH!) but, all in all, i am thrilled. yesterday was my very first day out of bed in 6 weeks, and it was a beautiful Autumn day for taking a 1/2 hour walk with my husband. it totally wore me out and my lungs were killing me once we got home, but it was worth every aspirin i needed to take :wink:

signing out,


That is such great news @daisymae!!!

We are pulling for you. I hope the convalescence goes quickly as well. Looking forward to to your continued experimentation.


Fantastic news!

I know you will try to push through hard. But it’s OK if it takes a little longer if the road to improvement is safer and more fun :slight_smile:



well, i was just out of the woods with my pneumonia, and on monday, columbus day, i ended up having to go back into the hospital. wasnt certain what was wrong but i felt miserable again and had high fever and endless coughing and my body, particularly my lungs area, were killing me.

had the doctor paged (not easy on a holiday weekend), and he told me to go right to the ER. we were there for hours!!!

turns out i developed an upper respratory lung virus. and, i am very contagious. ugh. my husband took a few steps back :wink:. and, i wont be getting out of bed until it has cleared (around a week to 2 weeks)

just thought i would report to all of you lovely citizens of FUD, so you know why i am not reporting on my swimming anyhow, back to bed i go …

signing off for now,


So sorry to hear that, @daisymae. I Hope this passes quickly and you’re back on your recovery path soon.


How frustrating! Please take care of yourself, sending healing thoughts.


oh my goodness, that SUCKS! I hope you recover quickly.


DM, such a bummer, so sorry to read that :frowning: We are keeping our fingers crossed, get out of there soon!

Will you have access to your phone?


@daisymae, do I need to bring you one of my Cat Scan specialists?? Zane Grey will be happy to provide continuous “treatment “ in exchange for some ear rubs and treats! :cat2:


@daisymae, I’ve been absent the past couple of weeks and have missed a lot, apparently. I’m so sorry to hear of your continued struggles. I hope you’re on the mend now from the virus.


thank you so much and welcome back from wherever you were!

yesterday i saw a pulmonologist specialist at NYU HOSPITAL in Manhattan. i was there with her for almost 2 hours. we think that she resolved the problem of my endless illnesses. i was just unfortunate and one illness turned into 3 separate ones, one after the other. the latest is a sinus infection that is causing me to have terrible coughing, which is effecting my lungs from all the coughing as well as my head and my body.

she put me on heavy duty antibiotics, cough suppressant with codeine, steroidal nasal spray, and something to flush out my sinuses. she believes that within 10 days i should be feeling significantly better. no swimming, though, for at least 1 month :sleepy: .

the irony of my visit, was that looking over my lung x-rays, it showed that i had very large lungs and that although that created a lot of room for pneumonia, it also allowed me to heal faster. my sizable lungs are most likely, the doctor claimed, due to my swimming !!!

still keeping my fingers crossed for my speady and thorough recovery. thank you to everyone who has been standing beside me and being so wonderfully supportive. it makes the long healing process a little softer and MUCH less lonely. :heart_eyes: .

signing off,



so its almost 3 months since i stopped swimming. i’ve got another month to go. i have been healing very well since i saw the pulmonologist and taking all my medications. i have been able to get out of the house and take nice Autumn walks. i’ve even taken the subway into the city this week. remarkable. i swear, when i was bed-ridden, i never thought i would be up walking about again. i felt like death. but now that is behind me, and i just need to get a bit stronger, letting my lungs heal fully (god forbid i were to have a relapse), and then i will be swimming again!!! Yahoo.

so, all this to say, i wanted to keep everyone up to speed. i am happy, getting healthy, and keeping my BGs in line. i saw my endo last friday, and i expected my A1c to be terrible because of the pneumonia (which caused me to use a 175% temp basal !!! ), but it was a wonderful 5.1 (which translates into an average of a 100 BG. WOW !!! )

so all’s well in the land of Daisy Mae. i cant wait to be reporting on the process of getting back into my usual workouts. its going to take time. one swim at a time. i doubt that my first day back in the pool will produce a 90 minutes swim. also, since i havent been swimming i have had to alter my diet significantly, so all that will have to change again. its a lot of work managing food, basals, ICRs…oh my.

signing out,