Daisy Mae's swimming BG thread



These are truly phenomenal numbers @daisymae…I think you’ve been tricking us all along and are not diabetic.


didnt eric tell you that so long as i swim i am not diabetic??? (LOL) :wink: (thats why he keeps encouraging me to swim 5+ days a week )


You are swimming Sunday, right?!?


yes. i am swimming this sunday (tomorrow). that will give me 5 days of swimming this week. :sunny:



apprehensive about risking swimming on a w/end day, but last w/end was so awesome that i figured i would give it another shot. talk about worthwhile! there was practically no one in the pool. i had a lane to myself the entire swim!!! Yahoo!!! (and no screaming children either)

i would like to say that it was relaxing, but i swam as hard and as fast as i possibly could, knowing that i was only planning on swimming for an hour. ouch, do my muscles burn!! and my body feels as if i had swam the full 90 minutes. but 60 minutes of hard swimming is still substantial. i just kept pushing myself to go faster. my numbers were incredible as well.

here are the stats:

1:20 BG 104 (took 1/2 Gtab)
2pm BG 89
2:30 BG 76

i bolused less than i usually do for basal replacement, and i bolused less for carbs re-fuel. i am hoping that that will keep me from nose diving later on. i also bumped up my ICR from 1:17 to 1:18 for dinnertime. hopefully that will do the trick and carry me thorugh the night w/out any messy lows.

will be back into the pool tomorrow and tuesday, then thursday and friday. i was considering waking up at about 3 or 4 am and having bfast, and then swimming earlier than i usually do. i heard that the childrens summer camp doesnt come that early in the morning. but, that would deff take a big commitment from me. i have to ask myself: " are you that nuts? is it that important to be in the pool when its empty?" well, yes it is. so, i might just have to try it out. a new frontier to concur. the other option would to be to NOT eat bfast, and just wake up, turn off my basal for 2 hours, and then walk to the pool. (i will have to consult eric on that one; would it be okay for me to swim on an empty stomach?? ) i have heard that during the summer the pool is empty around 10am. i could turn my pump off at 7:30am and then walk to the pool by 9:30am and be in the water by 10am. hummm. food for thought :rofl:

signing off:


so post swim yesterday, as i mentioned, i was changing my insulin dosing for both my replacement insulin as well as to cover my 32gms of chocolate shakes. instead of bolusing 2 units post swim, i bolused 1.5 units. this worked out very well for me. also, instead of the usual 50% bolus for the 32 gms of refuel, i bolused 40% (1.4 units); this also worked out well. no crashing at all.

then, for dinner, i changed my ICR (again) giving myself LESS insulin for my dinner meal. i changed it from 1:17 to 1:18 . it was not enough. 1 hour after bolusing for my dinner, i crashed. not a terrible crash, but i went from 97 (before dinner) down to 46 afterwards. small carb correction and i moved on. tonight i am going to change it to 1:20 ICR and see what happens.

also, b/c i am eating such high carb dinners, i am spiking about 4 - 6 hours post dinner/before bedtime. so i raised my basal rates to cover me for that time period. hopefully this will over-ride the spike and i can avoid having to do a pre-bedtime correction bolus. ( i really dont like going to sleep with extra insulin floating around in me)

i was thinking that to avoid the screaming children in the pool, i will wake up earlier tomorrow and eat breakfast at 6am, then by 10am, i will have no more IOB and i can turn my pump off. this will allow me to get to the pool sooner, which will help me to avoid the children and the crowd. i think that it will prove to be worthwhile.

nothing much to report today other than the insulin changes. swim was uneventful, but my numbers were very good.

here are the stats:
1:20 BG 113
2pm BG 97
2:30 BG 72

i’ll keep you posted on how the insulin changes went. perhaps not for you, but for me, i find this decreased need for insulin fascinating. also, i am very curious about the carb “dumping” late in the evening hours after dinner. i will be curious to see how my increased basal experiment goes.

signing out,



OMG. was in a great mood, walking to the pool. BGs were on target, ready to enjoy a strong 3rd day in a row swim. when i got to the pool i tested my BG and i was 87, so i took 3/4 of a Gtab and jumped in. i swam for the usual 1/2 hour before getting out to test again. when i tested, my BG was 54. i wasnt certain what to do. this has never happened before. i had been off all basal for 3 hours, so when i went back to the locker room, i bolused replacement of 1 unit. i truly didnt know how to handle the situation. i figured that, as usual, my BG would rise post swim, otherwise, i would not have bolused at all.

anyway, i dressed and walked home. i felt disappointed and defeated.

when i got home, i tested again and was 55. i took only 1/2 Gtab and waited 1/2 hour. when i tested again, i was 34. my husband forced me to take some juice. i wanted to wait for my BG to come up naturally, but he was incisstant, so i took a small amount of apple juice. i tested again in 15 minutes and my BG had come up to 57.

i have no idea what to expect. will my BG spike b/c of being off basal for 3 hours? will i level off? will i be able to drink my favorite refuel chocolate shakes? will i need to bolus 100% for their carbs? is there anything i should be looking out for or expect when dinnertime rolls around?

i keep telling myself that i should know how to handle this situation, but i havent a clue. i will just have to wait it out and play it by ear.

i’ll keep you all informed. another swim, another experiment. oh well.

signing out,

PS: as i am finishing writing this my BG has come up ( in only another 15 minutes) to 90. i truly hope i level off.


DM, I know this was a tough day, but don’t let it get you down. Bounce back on Thursday.

This is a one-off, it isn’t something you need to worry about happening all the time.

Anything different about this morning? Timing? Meals? Infusion site? Anything?


nothing different. i most likely should have been a little more aggressive with my Gtabs pre-swim.

my evening is miserable as its been this past week. 1 hour to 90 minutes after bolusing for dinner, i go low. then i get back to target range and then about 3 hours after dinner, i spike.

tonight i corrected the spike (over-rode my pump’s wizard feature) and even with all the IOB i continued to go higher an hour after the correction. i am beside myself with wonder. i cannot figure out how to fix this. all morning, afternoon, and early evening i am fine. perfect target range all day long; then the night comes and all goes to S.

i dont know how to remedy the problem.


DM, I have some ideas about this. I’ll post when I get home.


DM, you are not used to swimming 3 days in a row. Usually you do 2 days and take a break.

When you do 3 consecutive days, all of that work adds up.

On day 3 you should do these 3 things:

  1. When you do the preemptive bolus for missed basal before you turn off your pump, I think you should reduce a little bit. Maybe take 0.15 units off, or something like that.

  2. On your post-swim bolus, reduce that a little bit.

  3. Your IC after swimming can also be change a bit too.



after i crashed so terribly in the pool on tuesday, i was very apprehensive about getting back in. part of me was feeling so defeated that i felt ready to call it quits. i mean, a BG of 54 when you’re at home is no big deal, but, a 54 when you are in a swimming pool is awfully frightening. so, i mustered up all of my courage and put my mind to it; after all, i am UNLIMITED.

it was an easy paced 60 minute swim. but it relaxed me and i felt courageous for not quitting. i will be swimming again tomorrow as well as sunday. then i will be going back to my regular 90 minute swims. i just needed to test the waters today, so to speak, pun intended :wink:, and i accomplished that. so hooray for me.

here are todays stats:
1:20 BG 123
2pm BG 123
2:30 BG 97

and BTW, i was getting so sick and tired of all of the problems i have been having with my evening meals and BGs that have been roller coastering, i finally fasted and did an afternoon through morning basal test. turns out i need a lot less insulin than i thought i needed.

after going through all of my notes i realized that i had been eating a lot of fatty peanut butter before my meals and not taking my Domperidone (for the GP) before my dinners. all that fat, i think was delaying my stomach emptying. so, the insulin would hit me but the food was not digesting. so i was crashing from the insulin, and then long after it peaked, my BG would spike. now i am no scientist nor a doctor, but i stayed away from the peanut butter last night, and i did not spike at all. once i lowered all of my basal rates, i remained completely flat and in target range. however, tonight i will be eating dinner, but i am staying clear of the PB and will be taking the Donperidone about 45 minutes before eating. i am hoping, with fingers crossed, that all will be well.

and thats all the news…
signing off,


after going through all of my notes i realized that i had been eating a lot of fatty peanut butter before my meals and not taking my Domperidone (for the GP) before my dinners. all that fat, i think was delaying my stomach emptying. so, the insulin would hit me but the food was not digesting. so i was crashing from the insulin, and then long after it peaked, my BG would spike.

Great detective work!


i dont know quite yet if i am right. i will find out tonight after i eat my dinner :wink:. i certainly hope, though, that i have found the solution and resolved the problem.



typically, i will have set basal rates and they will last me a long time with great accuracy; but then, out of the blue, my needs change. i look for patterns and try and make some sense out of them. i try fasting and doing basal tests. very little helps lately. it has been extremely frustrating and unforgiving. i am finding myself doing a lot of corrections. my biggest challenge has been my evenings and my over-nights. i never had this problem before. anyway, i am experimenting and trying to solve this annoying D issue.

why bring it up on my swimming thread? good question :wink: : basically, b/c i need to remain in my target range to prep for my swim and to enjoy a good 90 minutes of laps in the pool without either spiking or dropping and crashing. i like to remain afloat :blush:.

today, i was prepping for my swim; having turned off my pump at 11am, pre-bolusing .3 units (probably not quite enough) and i began to spike from BG 101 to 139 in just 1.5 hours. i told eric, and he told me to go right to the pool, to jump in, and swim to curtail a further rise. i was concerned b/c i am used to having 0% IOB, and i would be swimming a 1/2 hour earlier than usual. (meaning that i would still have some IOB…eegads).

but i took his advice, and left for the pool 1/2 hour early. i was glad that i listened to him, but i was also aware of how much of a difference that extra 1/2 hour of 0% basal can effect my body. i had a significant BG drop within my first 1/2 hour, before leveling off and then having my usual second hour plateau. our bodies are so complex; it really astounds me. just trying to re-set my basal rates has made me feel like putting my fist through the wall. this disease baffles me. at least i know, though, that while i am swimming, with absolutely no insulin neccessary, i am not diabetic. :wink:

today’s stats:

12:50 BG 139
1:10 BG 146
1:45 BG 121
2:15 BG 91
2:45 BG 86
3:15 BG 85

Note: since i havent figured out my proper basal rates for the daytime yet, i have no idea if i gave myself the correct replacement basal bolus or not. i am assuming ( and its just a guess at this point) that my afternoon basal rate is .475/hour. so, 4 hours off of my pump would require 1.9 units of insulin. i wont be swimming tomorrow, but i swam 5 days this week, so my insulin sensitivity is heightened. i just need to remain aware of that.

hopefully, this evening will be better than last’s. please keep me in your prayers !!

signing off,


Looks like a great swim. Anytime you end up in the 80’s is perfect! You should reward yourself for that! (I have a silly thing I do as a treat whenever I end up in the 80’s :grinning:)

A good thing to remember. It’s rule #462. Have a plan - but always be willing to be flexible, to change your plan and adapt to the circumstances.

Good work today!


i am dying to know what that silly thing is!!! i cant even imagine, except that i am guessing it has something to do with food :wink:


Nope, not food.

It is called the “Shower Beer”.

I try to use cans though. I learned that the hard way.


havent a clue as to what that might be. sounds fun though.


this is what i have been learning (very slowly) since i have been swimming. and its great advice, b/c it applies to everything in life.

thanks for the reminder.