Dairy-free, egg-free, low-carb with allergies

Tonight I made low-carb sushi. I don’t have a sushi rolling mat (in my Amazon cart as of tonight), so I couldn’t roll the sushi very tightly, and therefore it all fell apart. And I’m also not sure I laid things out properly. So I just mixed everything up in a bowl and ate it as a sushi bowl. Freaking DELICIOUS! I have not had sushi in literally years.

Here’s what I put in the rolls/bowl:

  • cauliflower rice (mixed in with rice vinegar and a bit of stevia after being cooked)
  • cucumber (I was going to also add carrot, but forgot)
  • smoked salmon (cooked)
  • almond “cream” (ricotta) cheese
  • nori, I just ripped it up and put it in the bowl since the rolls fell apart

I think adding some hemp seeds as a substitute for sesame seeds (which have caused me allergy issues in the past, so I generally avoid).

I will definitely be doing this again. Hopefully as rolls, because I think that could be something awesome I could pack as a lunch.


This seems brilliant. Are people doing this? Maybe it’s the Poke Bowl craze that’s hit my town?

Have you thought about shredding the carrot? That might be nice too. And I saw this beautiful radish, called watermelon radish I think, and I feel like that might be good too.

They sound really tasty! Nice job!

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Yep, a sushi bowl is a thing. I mean, I don’t know if restaurants have it, but people do it instead of making sushi rolls.

I would have shredded the carrot for sure. :smiley:

I never thought of raddish. Another thing I’d like to try this weekend is making “breaded” veggie “tempura” type things in my air fryer. That will be a challenge without wheat or eggs, but that’s what this thread is all about. :slight_smile:

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I highly recommend Avocado tempura! It’s awesome (I don’t have a clue how to make it but I love eating it)!


I’ve never heard of it, but I’ll look into it. Sounds tasty!

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My favorite tempura is sweet potato or maybe carrot. Yum! I miss tempura. Love the shrimp too.

I’m wondering if arrowroot or tapioca starch might do the trick. Or cornstarch? We have a Chinese restaurant which makes very very good GF sweet and sour chicken with cornstarch (awful carb bomb and impossible for EH to eat). But it’s crispy like gluten-y sweet and sour chicken and that’s nice.

I’ll look forward to your test!

And interesting about the sushi bowls! I always am learning new things here.

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Haha, but the whole point of this thread is low-carb and edible without a giant spike or super complicated bolus. :slight_smile: I have heard of people using almond flour and it working well. I think the bigger challenge will be not being able to use an egg, which is what makes everything stick. I’ve read that olive oil can work as a substitute, but it’s hard to tell whether making multiple substitutes like that will turn out, which is why I often have so many recipe flops (I’ve been on a good streak lately!).

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Yesterday I ran high ALL day and could not get down into range no matter what I tried. Last night, I figured out that it was because I not only needed a raise in basal rates (again) but had forgotten to take both metformin and Tresiba the night before. So with those three things done, I am back to flatlining. :slight_smile: It’s crazy do me how much of an impact metformin has, considering I didn’t really think it made much difference when I first started.

Last night in an attempt to make my chia pudding more exciting I combined one half chia seeds with one half unsweetened coconut shreds, then put in cocoa powder, powdered stevia, and on a whim added powdered peanut butter. This morning I mixed it all with unsweetened almond milk. I was not sure at all what it would taste like, but it’s quite tasty, and the texture is pretty good! I am actually eating it without cringing. Tastes like eating a chocolate bar for breakfast. :slight_smile:

Also, yesterday I tried dehydrating cauliflower rice, and it worked. A tiny container holds three or four servings. I will try rehydrating it later this week and see how it tastes. Looking for solutions for lightening my luggage when travelling, and getting rid of huge containers, heavy food, and ice packs in favour of a tiny, light container will definitely help. Next I will probably try green beans. I am also wondering about meat, but could also just bring or buy canned meat, which may be the safer option. Exciting, though!


That’s cool that it was really good! I just saw some in an Uber fancy supermarket deli case that had lots of goodies in it and was made with coconut. But the peanut butter powder is a stroke of genius.

Also, sorry for detailing the low carb thread. :sweat_smile: I really was thinking maybe arrowroot or tapioca might be lower carb. And I got distracted because of the tempura idea. But maybe almond flour would work too! Higher protein for sure.

Also my all tapioca idea is out - it’s made from cassava root which is high in carbs: https://www.backcountrypaleo.com/cassava-pasta-paleo/

Also, as far as dehydrated food goes (for weight savings) I’ve tried these and they’re okay - not amazing - but they are lower carb than say a Mountain House meal and with some spices added could be an easy way to have lightweight food on the run:

(Also, also, also - ha! I clearly had a lot of thought and not enough sleep lately.)


I haven’t tried these yet, but they are on my to-make list as a replacement for popcorn and tortilla chips. I find it hard to find any type of packaged snack that is safe from cross-contamination.

Dairy-free cauliflower popcorn
Dairy-free, egg-free tortilla chips
Cucumber chips

I’m also going to try putting my chocolate peanut butter chia pudding that is so delicious in my dehydrator and see if it turns into bars or something I could snack on. It is definitely not low-calorie, though!

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What if you froze the pudding?!? Would that be good?! It’s summer. Some places are hot! Popcicles seem nice. :slight_smile: :icecream:

Good luck with your new experiments!! I hope they make tasty snacks for you.

Cucumber chips tasted “okay” but didn’t come out as crispy as chips should be. I’m going to try zucchini today and dehydrate for longer and see if that turns out better.

I’m making turnip fries in my air fryer right now. It’s kind of funny, because I’ve never eaten fries and have no idea what to dip them in. I mean, I know ketchup, but I’m allergic to tomatoes.

I got my A1c yesterday and was kind of disappointed. For all the effort I’ve been putting in to my diabetes over the past three months, it only dropped by a smidge to 6.6%. Not a horrible number, but I really do feel like most people who eat low-carb get such better results. Same thing with weight loss; I’ve lost perhaps 8-10 pounds since starting this effort (plus exercising), but that has stalled.

Kind of disappointing, but I will keep this up and see if the fall yields better results.


I’m sorry for the disappointment, but perhaps, since you’ve been doing this for 3 months, your next A1c may drop further as you get your diet figured out? And it did drop!

Did I know you were allergic to tomatoes?? I haven’t been able to tolerate tomatoes (except for small amounts of ketchup, ha) due to acid reflux issues, and it’s miserable for me. I didn’t realize how much I relied on tomatoes…
But on the dip front - have you had any success making a dairy free ranch? Honey mustard is another popular fry dip, I think, though I don’t enjoy the taste myself.

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I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before or not. Tomato has always made my throat feel a bit funny, and an allergist once mentioned that it’s closely related to potato, so could cause a cross-reaction. Then one day at work I had a salad with tomatoes and had a relatively mild but nonetheless full-blown allergic reaction and had to take a Benadryl. Then one evening I was eating something with tomato sauce and my mouth felt tingly and I broke out in hives. So I stopped eating it and got allergy tested, and sure enough it was positive. My allergist said it may only be raw, but a couple weeks ago I had quite a bad reaction to tomato sauce, so I think it’s raw and cooked. I’m allergic to banana, and that developed in almost an identical way. I have a colleague who also can’t eat tomato due to acid reflux, and he said his wife once made a “nomato” ketchup that tasted exactly like the real thing, so I’m going to look into that.

I haven’t treid ranch, though I have seen some commercial ones (whether they are safe for me, I have no idea, probably not). I would like to tackle a safe low-carb Caesar salad one of these days. I really miss those!!! Used to be my favourite type of salad when growing up.

I ate all the turnip fires without any dip as I’d cooked them with some salt and black pepper. They seemed so close to potato fires to me that it freaked me out a little eating them. I would have liked some of them to be crispier, but I have a cheap-o air fryer, so I think that’s why some seemed undercooked. They did make my mouth and throat feel weird, but I think that’s just the black pepper. I think sometimes I don’t like spices because it makes my mouth and throat feel similar to the start of a reaction. Definitely a recipe I will be trying again.


You probably have, and my memory is just that bad. :grimacing:

Do you have a latex allergy? Bananas, potatoes, and tomatoes are all on the cross reactive list. You’ve probably already talked to your doc about all this - just a random though as I was cross reactive to bananas at one point because of my ragweed allergy. Fun times.

I am waiting (very impatiently) for my favorite dairy free ranch to be back in stock (they had a production issue). All the recipes I’ve found for DF ranch either use coconut milk (which I can’t have) or mayo as a base, and for some reason, mayo based sauces/dressings make me feel sick (but I can eat chicken salad or potato salad just fine? My gut is weird). I loved salads growing up (I still do, though not lately with dressing issues I’ve been having). Any time my stomach was not happy, or if I was recovering from an illness, all I’d want to eat was salad, all day, for days. :laughing:

I should probably try turnip fries one of these days…maybe when I actually get an air fryer. I love potato fries; they just don’t love me back (BG wise) if I’m not careful and eat too many.

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I really do wonder what role hormones play in all of this being unable to hit an A1c of 5% thing (though I’d be happy with below 6.5% forever, I think). I mean, I have had massive highs over the past two days (most of the day out of range, and spikes to the high teens for hours) due to my basal rates needing to be raised by about 35%. I feel like most people who hit a really low A1c just do not have to deal with that sort of crazy shift two or three or four times a month. And certainly, those kinds of highs happening on a regular basis have to be pushing my A1c up over the long term. The frustrating part is there isn’t anything I can really do about keeping on top of hormones beyond what I am doing.

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I asked to be tested for this and it was negative, thankfully.

What brand do you use?

Have you tried egg-free mayo? Even when I could eat eggs, I found mayo gross. But egg-free mayo is great.

I have major stomach issues, too. In my case, it’s been diagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome (which basically means, “we don’t know, but it’s nothing serious”). I haven’t been able to identify any food triggers. It’s been quite a bit better since starting a new medication, but I don’t really like taking medication for an unknown problem (though it’s better than daily stomach issues, so…).

I quite liked them. Of course, I have no idea how they taste or what the texture is like in comparison to potato fries. But they looked very similar to me. I havea really cheap air fryer, and would like to upgrade, but I have a teeny tiny kitchen, and all the high-quality air fryers I can find are enormous.


Zucchini chips were a big success. I inhaled them. A colleague tried them and she really liked them, too. Suggested I bring them to the next work potluck. :slight_smile:

One zucchini made quite a few chips. I have three more zucchinis at home, so I’ll definitely be making more. I kind of wish I had a bigger dehydrator!!


If my recent experiences are any indicator…I’m inclined to think you’re on to something. It’s been almost effortless to maintain a low A1c, but I’m not expecting a low one this next check…hormone shifts are kicking my butt of late.

It’s the Just, Inc brand. I should probably try their egg free mayo, like you suggested…maybe even their new just eggs, which apparently can imitate scrambled eggs? I’m skeptical it would taste anything remotely like scrambled eggs. I just miss eggs so much. I can now do them baked in things again, but not straight. I cook my kids eggs almost every morning…sometimes it’s hard to watch them enjoying their eggs. :laughing:

Hmm, that’s interesting. Out of all of my food related issues, my IBS triggers have been fairly easy to figure out. For me, artificial sweeteners are a huge problem, as are caffeine and stress. :smirk:

Zucchini chips actually sound really good! We’ve been eating yellow squash and zucchini prepped any which way lately because it’s been on sale every week. Good thing is we all love yellow squash and zucchini. :grin:

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On, no! I hope you’re able to maintain your A1c. I’ve never had a truly low A1c (not compared to these forums, anyway) and have definitely never found hitting the low 6% range effortless. :slight_smile: If I slack off at all, I hit above 7.0% in a heartbeat. I’d be pretty happy if I could get, say, a 6.3% and just stay there forever. :slight_smile:

I’ve never tried their products because they have “food starch” listed in their ingredients and never got back to my several emails about whether that was potato starch. I use Earth Island brand mayo, which I’d generally avoid because they produce other products with potatoes, but so far I’ve been okay the times I’ve had it. I have tried their VeganEgg product and it was a pretty close approximation to scrambled eggs to me! But I prefer scrambled tofu, because it seems less risky to me (re: cross-contamination) and is less processed. Ideally I would make my own mayo, but I’ve tried that in the past and it’s tricky getting it right.

I’m lucky that I live alone and that I pretty much treat my eosinophilic esophagitis triggers like my anaphylactic allergens…no allergens in the house at all. Although, I do have tomato sauce sitting here and will probably cautiously try it tonight. I can’t eat raw tomatoes at all, but so far cooked (like tomato sauce) have had intermittent reactions. So if I react tonight, that will mean cooked tomatoes are out. Unless it’s somehow cross-contaminated with raw tomatoes or with potatoes, which I should probably contact the company about. I’ve tried to find a low-carb, tomato-free “nomato” sauce, but all the ones I find use carrots and beets, which don’t seem low-carb to me.

For me it was my allergens that were easy to figure out, because I react immediately after eating them. Eosinophilic esophagiits took a little longer because those reactions are more delayed, but even those were pretty clear…I was just in denail for a long time about eggs. :frowning: My IBS stuff seems to flare up regardless of whether I’m eating high-carb or low-carb, processed foods or everything from scratch, artificial sweeteners or not (though I’ve figured out erythritol bothers me), and caffeine or none. I was caffeine-free for years at the advice of an allergist, but I do really enjoy coffee, especially as one of the only things I can drink at a coffee shop (I bring my own cream because using the coffee shop cream always freaks me out that it may be milk or may be cross-contaminated with something). So I’ve recently started drinking it and have been fine. But if it causes symptoms (mostly in my esophagus in my case) I will cut it out again.

My latest experiment this weekend has been chocolate-covered hazelnuts (I bought safe baking chocolate and plain hazelnuts). I’m also going to make some more turnip fries. I found out that I can freeze the pizza I mentioned earlier in this thread. So making a batch or two of that and freezing it is also on the agenda. But dinner tonight will be non-low-carb pasta and chicken with tomato sauce. Fingers crossed I don’t have an allergic reaction. :crossed_fingers:

My other upcoming project is making dairy-free cheese. But it requires sprouting quinoa, which I’ve never done before. So I need to get some jars and cheesecloth and do some reading before starting that.