Best pump for 6 year old

That makes a lot of sense if you know beforehand what you’re getting into (pun intended). Having some safety margin is reasonable. I guess there’s no need to expose insulin to any elevated temperature just because it can take it.

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What rationale did the doc give when you asked her “why the tslim over omnipod?”

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Because it can work with the Dexcom and because instead of getting a new pump every few years it has software updates instead.

What does work with Dexcom mean? Our son is using the Dexcom G5 with the omnia in the omniloop system. We’ve been using pod + g5 for three years no problems

Just that the t:slim X2 can act as the Dexcom receiver (for G6) and use the CGM info to suspend (in Basal-IQ) or for closed loop (in the forthcoming Control-IQ).

This may not be of any special interest if you’re running DIY loop software on your phone with some loopable pump, but for the less bold, it could matter greatly.